Party Time Magazine Party Time Magazine Issue 14 HeavyGrinder - Page 12

Editorial About Party Time Magazine is a magazine that was published from 1996-2000. Party Time focused on the party scene here in Southern Califor- nia. It featured pic- tures, articles, and reviews relating to the party and club scene in an era when the internet was not a way of life. Party Time featured inter- views from house music artist and DJs. Now back in the scene since 2010, Party Time Magazine features coverage and reviews of Music Festivals, Concerts, and Nightclubs, as well as in- terviews with Artists, Celebrities and DJs from all around this world. For those of you that have been with us from since 1996, I truly appreciate your support and promise that I will be making the old school issues available online as soon as we can so that you can relive all those old memories. And last but not least, I thank those of you that started following us last year or even as of now, thank you for accepting th e maga- zine as is, I promise that you will see lots of great changes and improvements issue after issue. As of Thursday, August 4, 2011, I Jose Guerra, made the deci-sion to unite New Rave Magazine and Party Time Magazine to-gether. From then on, both magazines will only go by Party Time Magazine. This decision was made for three rea-sons. One, to provide one magazine my single undivided attention as its Publisher and Editor. Second, en-tering year 2 as New Rave Magazine, I re-alize that we will no ORQJHU 1HZ DV ZH have gained many great followers and have made our- selves known in the scene. So with that being said, we can now eliminate the ZRUG 1HZ IURP our name. And third, to eliminate the word 5DYH IURP RXU name which sadly is viewed in a negative way by society, advertisers, and promoters. We do thank all of our New Rave Magazine followers and sup- porters, and promise you that we will continue to bring to bring you positive and informative material in Pa H[YHXY^[K]H[[Z[][ۈو ERWK ZRUGV 1HZ DQG 5DYH , QRZ found myself with my Party Time Magazine. New Rave Magazine featured interviews with: Markus Schulz D. Ramirez DJ Chuckie Major Lazer's Diplo and Skerrit Bwoy and movie Director James Cullen