Parkview Healthcare Facility's Parkview Outlook May 2019

O 1 Parkview UTLOOK Volume 29, Issue 5 May 2019 Parkview Health Care Facility is an affiliate of CMH, Bolivar, MO 65613, 417-326-3000 Facility Location: 119 West Forest, Bolivar, MO 65613, 417-326-3000 INSIDE THIS ISSUE Resident of the Month 1 Staff of the Month 1 Activity Highlights 2 Resident Birthdays 6 New Residents 6 Discharges 6 Meet: Megan Dozier Staff of the Month What is your job at PV? C.N.A. How long have you worked at PVHCF? 1 year. What is your favorite thing about Parkview? Spending time with the residents. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not at work? Anything outdoors like hunting and fishing. Meet Wanda Mantonya, Resident of the Month Wanda Mantonya was born Feb. 20, 1933, to Wallas and Else Calbert in Boone County, Missouri. Wallas worked hard to support the family, while Elsie stayed home to raise Wanda and her 13 sib- lings. Wanda grew up in Boone County, Missouri, where she went to school at Conley, a one room schoolhouse with dirt floors. During this time she spent time with her dogs, cats, and horses that she rode to and from school. After school, Wanda moved to Omaha Nebraska where she would later meet her future husband. In Nebraska, Wanda would go to dances at the military base with her girlfriends to meet people and enjoy their free time. At one of the dances, Wanda met James “Jim” Mantonya and the couple were eventually married in Columbia, Missouri, in 1953. Jim worked for the Army and Airforce as an engineer. The couple were married for 50 years. Together they had four daughters; Marcy, Pam, Shelley, and Tonya as well as eight grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild! During their marriage the couple traveled all over the United States working. They eventu- ally made it to Las Alamos, New Mexico, where they worked in a lab. In this lab, Wanda was able to work on the circuit boards on the nose cone for the shuttle that went to the moon! No matter where they lived, Wanda loved the community and culture each area brought to her life. Growing up, Wanda spent her time with family, working, and enjoying the outdoors. As an adult her favorite activities were playing cards, collecting over 100 porcelain dolls, and spending time with her animals on the farm. She had cattle, hogs, ducks, geese, chickens and her favorite, the goats. She spent so much time with them that each goat had a name and it would come when she called. When she wasn’t working on the farm, she also enjoyed deer and mushroom hunting. Wanda came to Parkview in October 2018. When asked her favorite part of living here Wanda said “the food, getting to rest, and still getting to spend time with family.” Congratulations, Wanda, on being chosen as the Parkview Health Care Facility’s Resident of the Month! Are you a caring individual who would like to assist in caring for the elderly? Parkview Health Care Facility has opportunities in its volunteer and nursing program. For more information call Tim Francka, administrative director, at 417-326-3000.