Parkview Healthcare Facility's Parkview Outlook July 2015

O 1 Parkview UTLOOK V o lum e 2 3 , Iss u e 7 J uly 2 0 1 5 Parkview Healthcare Facility is an affiliate of CMH, Bolivar, Mo. 65613, 417-326-3000 Facility Location: 119 West Forest, Bolivar, Mo. 65613, 417-326-3000 INSIDE THIS ISSUE Resident of the Month 1 Staff of the Month 1 Activity Highlights 2 Calendar of Events 3 SCU Calendar 4 Resident Photos 5 Resident Birthdays 6 New Residents 6 Discharges 6 Meet : Linda Miles Staff of the Month What is your job at PV? C.N.A. & R.M.T. How long have you worked at PVHCF? 2 years What is your favorite thing about Parkview? The residents are my favorite thing . What is your favorite thing to do when you are not at work? I enjoy spending time with my kids. I have a daughter who is 7 and a son who is 2. We love camping and being outdoors. Meet Mary Williams, Resident of the Month Mary (Brumback) Williams was born on April 15, 1930 in Iowa to parents Roy and Ida Brumback. Mary was a middle child with two brothers. Shortly after Mary was born, her family moved to Seymour, Mo., where her father owned a plumbing and heating business and her mother was a homemaker. Mary shared that she and her family enjoyed gathering around the radio after dinner to listen to radio programs. Mary attended school in Seymour until her first year of high school when they moved to Carthage, Mo. Mary recalls the time when she was set to go out with a boy, but her father disapproved of him and forbid her to go. Her father met this boy’s friend and liked him very much. He declared to Mary, the she either marry him or he will adopt him! In August 1956, Mary and Gene C. Williams were married in a small wedding ceremony at home of her older brother. Shortly after getting married, the couple moved to the Springfield area. Gene was employed by the Kraft Food Company and raised cattle on their farm and Mary ran her own book keeping service. Mary has been blessed with two children. Carla, Mary’s eldest, currently lives in Springfield with her husband and Roy, her youngest, lives in Springfield with his wife and two daughters. Mary shared that she spent most of her time working and didn’t have much time for hobbies. When she did have some free time, Mary enjoyed reading and would sew all of her daughter’s dresses. After the couple retired, they began spending their summers in Texas. While there, they made lots of friends and had a wonderful time. Since making Parkview her home, Mary enjoys spending quiet moments, eating chocolate ice cream, and attending activities, especially Bible study. Mary also enjoys people watching in the front lobby. Congratulations Mary on being chosen as the Parkview Healthcare Facility Resident of the Month for June. Are you a caring individual who would like to assist in caring for the elderly? Parkview Healthcare Facility has opportunities in its volunteer and nursing program.. For more information, call administrative director Tim Francka, at 417-326-3000.