Parkinson's Clinical Trial Companion Navigating Clinical Trials - Page 7

No. 4 Participation Brings Risks and Benefits While some risks, such as potential side effects of a new drug, are inherent in research, participation also may bring benefits. Some people say they gain a sense of control over their disease. Research also could offer more time with Parkinson’s experts and early access to emerging treatments. No. 5 Your Safety Is Top Priority Safeguards are in place to minimize risk in research trials and studies. Researchers must have all study plans and materials approved by an outside committee of experts, and must monitor for and report any undesirable changes in a person’s health — whether a result of the study or something else — throughout the course of the research. No. 6 There Are Many Ways to Find Trials and Studies Start by asking your doctor about opportunities for research participation, but also look to your support group or your PD community for referrals. Some health care centers and patient organizations hold in-person research events, and there are opportunities to learn about trials on the internet too. You can register online with the Foundation’s Fox Trial Finder ( to be matched with recruiting trials that need volunteers as well. Six Facts about Clinical Research Participation 5