Parkinson's Clinical Trial Companion Navigating Clinical Trials - Page 52

Credits FOUNDER Michael J. Fox CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Todd Sherer, PhD CO-FOUNDER & EXECUTIVE VICE CHAIRMAN Deborah W. Brooks VICE PRESIDENT, MEDICAL COMMUNICATIONS Rachel Dolhun, MD MEDICAL REVIEW Claire Henchcliffe, MD, D.Phil. DEPUTY CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Sohini Chowdhury, MA PHOTOGRAPHY Chris Sanders SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, COMMUNICATIONS & CONTENT STRATEGIES Holly Teichholtz DESIGN Simplissimus SPECIAL THANKS Our gratitude to the members of the Parkinson’s community who lent their challenges, hopes, images and journeys with Parkinson’s clinical research to this project: Susan Bressman, MD, Clyde Campbell, Patient Council member Karen Jaffe and her husband, Marc, Dan Kinel, Patti Meese, Ofer Nemirovsky, Gary Rafaloff, Kae and Steven Spencer, Manny Torrijos and Jennifer Verbrugge, MS, CGC, LGC. 50 Navigating Clinical Trials: A Guide for Parkinson’s Patients and Families