Parkinson's Clinical Trial Companion Navigating Clinical Trials - Page 29

Key Takeaways Research Participation throughout Your Parkinson’s Journey Science needs a broad range of research participants — not only women and men of diverse races and ethnicities, but also people at every stage of Parkinson’s. No matter your personal experience with Parkinson’s, there is a way to contribute to greater understanding and improved treatment of this disease. + + There are hundreds of studies addressing the many aspects of Parkinson’s disease. No matter what your situation or level of comfort with research, there is likely a trial or study for you. You can take part in interventional trials or observational studies, volunteer in person or online, contribute one time or over many years. + + Different kinds of trials or studies may be right for you at different times in your Parkinson’s journey. Some types of studies may be more relevant or easier at different points in disease: disease modifying in early- stage Parkinson’s, symptomatic later in disease course or online studies if travel is difficult. + + Consider your care partner’s contribution. Talk it over before joining a trial or study. Volunteering for research can take time and effort from loved ones, and they may need to be involved in some studies. This is especially true if Parkinson’s moves into moderate and advancing phases. Chapter 2 — Research Participation throughout Your Parkinson’s Journey 27