Parkinson's Clinical Trial Companion Navigating Clinical Trials - Page 22

Research Participation in the Early Years with Parkinson’s The first few months and years following a Parkinson’s diagnosis can be overwhelming. While processing emotions, wondering where Parkinson’s disease (PD) may take you and considering treatment options, you (like many others) may choose to keep Parkinson’s secret. It’s no surprise then that few people think about participating in clinical trials during this time. With so much to cope with, volunteering for research may seem like a low priority. But people within the first few years of their PD diagnosis are in a unique position to contribute to research. Moreover, clinical studies may offer access to an emerging new treatment, exposure to top Parkinson’s specialists and an opportunity to take control of your health. Early in Parkinson’s, it may feel as though life has been turned upside down. Research participation may act as a compass, helping provide direction. 20 Navigating Clinical Trials: A Guide for Parkinson’s Patients and Families Stopping Parkinson’s Progression A disease-modifying therapy — one that would slow, stop or even reverse PD progression — would be a great discovery for people with Parkinson’s. Several therapies with this potential are in or close to clinical trials. These medications have shown in laboratory and population studies that they may slow progression or