Parker County Today September 2017 - Page 99

our taste: RESTAURANT REVIEW Whistle Hill Downtown Cafe — The Classic Texas Diner, But With A Twist BY THE WEATHERFORD FOODIE W The Whistle Hill Downtown Cafe is located on the southwest side of the Weatherford Courthouse Square at 101 West Church Street. They are open seven days a week for breakfast at 8 a.m. Sunday they are open until 2 p.m., every other day until 3 p.m. Breakfast is served until 10:30 a.m. and lunch afterwards. Call them at 817-599- 4311 or find them on Facebook. Weatherford Foodie can be found at and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Urbanspoon, Foursquare and Pinterest. hile driving through the beautiful and historic Weatherford Downtown Square, I noticed that Downtown Cafe had changed owners, and was curious to see what changes had been made. The main eating area remains substantially the same; the west brick wall has been repaired with mortar and the faces have changed.  The menu has been updated a bit, but has kept most of the old favorites with some yummy new additions.  Most of the changes are behind the scenes; I got a tour before they opened for business. They have acquired the adjacent space to the south, created a door and more than doubled the size of the kitchen. Both the kitchen area and the new space were exceedingly clean, and very well laid out for maximum efficiency of movement.  The restaurant now opens at 8 a.m. for breakfast and is normally pretty busy. At 10:30 a.m., they stop serving breakfast and switch to the new lunch menu.  I have ordered the same thing — through many owners — for my breakfast here since the 1990s, and it is still on the menu. My breakfast is now called “The Standard,” choosing bacon, two scrambled eggs, hash- browned potatoes, with biscuits and gravy. I also had a cup of hot coffee. My companion had the breakfast sand- wich containing ham; two eggs, over hard; and cheese served with grits, oatmeal or sliced tomatoes. When our breakfast came, the breakfast sandwich, cut on the diago- nal, was good and gooey with cheese and not runny with egg yolk. The winning combination of ham, egg and cheese was flawlessly executed, as were the grits it came with. My Standard was cooked well and served hot; the bacon was perfectly cooked; the hash browns were loose and nestled around my scrambled eggs. The biscuits and gravy were served on a separate plate, and a welcome addition to an enjoyable breakfast. I dutifully returned for lunch the following day to a full restaurant. Written on the chalkboard were the daily specials of which I had one, a grilled chicken breast smothered in sautéed vegetables. I chose mashed potatoes covered in brown gravy and Italian green beans as my two sides. My companion chose what appeared to be a most popu- lar lunch, the “pick-three.” The pick three is a choice of quiche of the day, spinach salad, chicken salad, nut bread sandwiches, soup of the day, house salad, tuna salad, fruit salad and vegetable of the day. My companion had this and chose spinach and mushroom quiche, chick- en salad, and the nut bread sandwiches. Nut bread sand- wiches are small cream cheese icing sandwiches, about five or six, served on freshly baked nut bread and sprin- kled with powdered sugar. My chicken was well prepared and enjoyed by a picky diner. My companion was almost giddy over the pick three and quickly gobbled it up. I finished this excellent meal with a slice of homemade apple pie, covered in whipped cream and served warm, a little slice of heaven. I was very happy with the Whistle Hill Downtown Cafe and will be a frequent customer. 97