Parker County Today September 2017 - Page 88

our business: BIA More Than Four Decades In Business and Still Outrunning the Competition Jimmy Bradley is the “baddest dog” in town. I nsurance veteran Jimmy Bradley has been in the insurance industry for over 42 years and is busier than ever. With his personal specialty being in commercial insurance, he’s been covering businesses, families and other insurance since 1969. Bradley started out at Weatherford College and moved to the University of North Texas. In 1969, after earn- ing his bachelors of science degree in business, Bradley went to work for the Employees Casualty Company, learning and building his business along the way, including construc- tion companies right here in Parker County. “I specialize in construction, so you can imagine how busy we are,” said Bradley. “Have you ever seen so much construction in your life? Everywhere you look there is construction going on and roads being built. We’ve always specialized in ‘Artisan,’ meaning construction, including bricklayers, and painters.”  The secret to the success of insur- ance companies who work with large construction companies and why they turn to Bradley is simple. “I’m the “baddest dog in town.” Explain, please? “They want someone to back them up, because they like knowl- edge and experience they can lean on,” Bradley said. “Honestly, once you get into commercial business, it’s like picking a lawyer. You want the baddest dog in town. If you get into a situation where you need backup, you’ve got backup you can rely on, and people who understand and have been into the courts many times.” Bradley also understands his prod- ucts and knows that his clients want experience, education and strength. He also carries all areas of personal insurance. “If, say the XYZ Company is not treating you right and you’re in a wreck and your car is worth $10,000, and the insurance company is only giving you $8,200,” Bradley said, “you need someone in your corner who knows what they are talking about. You need somebody who can say, ‘Get this check cut and don’t treat my customers badly. I have been at this longer than just about anybody. The company isn’t going to argue with someone who has a supe- rior knowledge of the product.” Jimmy Bradley Insurance special- ties also range into homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, Mexico insurance, personal liability insurance, tenant dwelling insur- 6R*6F7W&6RBV6&R66VGVRg&VFǒ67VFЧFvFג'&FWB0r7FfbbvVG2W'2v&PFR6fW7BB7B6fW&VB'W6W70"f֖ǒRr'&FW7W&6RvV7'&FW7W&6RvV7vG2F&RFR7B7W&6Rff6RPWfW"f6BFƖrbW"VVG2vF7V6ƗVBFW'FVG2Ц6VFrW'66W&6BƖfRVF'&FW7W&6RvV7FW2Fw2FRBf6VBvg&ƗfRW'67vW&rFPRFFRg&VFǒvR&Rw&VWFVBvVR&RW"ff6RRvrRfRfVBRB'&FW7W&6RvV7'&FW7W&6R2fW"C"V'2FR7W&6R'W6W72@w2rFFR6&RbRWBג'&FWB2FV`&fW762v&vFRFF`ג'&FW*p*p*p*p*p*p*pU%45U$4SVvW.( 27W&6P*p6F7W&6P&VFW.( 27W&6P*pF&76Rb%b7W&6PWF&R7W&6P*pG&fVG&W"b&B7W&6PW67W&6P*pƖfR7W&6R( 2FfGVW'6Ɩ&ƗG7W&6P7W&6PVFW0*pf֖ǒVF7W&6PFVBGvVƖr7W&6P*p*p*p4U$45U$4SvVW&Ɩ&ƗG7W&6P*pw&WVF7W&6P6W&6&W'G7W&6P*pv&W.( 267W&6P6W&6fV6R7W&6PCR7V֗BfVVRf'Bv'FEsc r33"Ӄ#( "fr33"Ӄ#