Parker County Today September 2017 - Page 85

tric generator, they slept in personal tents with their names embossed and a specially designed kitchen car, which Burroughs call a “Waldorf- Astoria on wheels.” They traveled at one point with a 40-Ford car convoy, chauffeured, and an entourage of cooks and atten- dants. But, they always had a great campfire in the morning and evening, and had magnificent conservation, and really did enjoy the outdoors, along with superb food. Like I said, we are somewhat south of the Henry Ford camp- ing trips, but if you have these four elements, you’ve got all the compo- nents for a perfect glamping excur- sion. Again, those components are: A Roaring Campfire Riveting Conservation Great food Beautiful outdoors GENERAL CONTRACTOR ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 817.599.6815 817.599.6800 1110 E Bankhead Dr • Weatherford, Texas 76086 Mop Heads Cleaning Service Clean, Seal, and Restore Your Floors! Mop Heads Cleaning Service is offering a new and exciting cleaning experience. We are now certified, in restoration services for Hardwood, Hardwood Laminates (Engineered Hardwood), Tile, Natural Stone (Marble, Slate, Granite, Soap Stone), Grout and Carpets. • Are your hardwood or laminate floors, hazy or dull? • Do they have a buildup of wax or a peeling finish? • Does your tile, stone, or concrete floors need to be deep cleaned or sealed? • Is your grout sealed? • Did you know most contractors don’t seal the grout after installing new floors? •Could your carpets u ͔)] !(ܤȴ)͍͕٥兡)ٌܹ͍)Iѽɥȁ́́еЁѥɕѼɕəȁɕѡ)%Ёх́́ѥٕ́ѱѼ̄(ͬѽ䁙ȁɕѥєЁ܁ɑ)Ѽȁܸ́)ݥѠ5ͥ9)եЀ]ȁɥ́ɔ)ɕɕ ѥ5Ёٔ)ɕЁɔȁ9ɕͼ(Mݥ͕̀M)͡܁ͭݕ̀=ё)٥͍ɕɽѽȰ)єЁ٥̀9) ̀Mɽ+LلѡɕݥѠ)ɑѥ̀M)ɔ̀ȁѡ̤Mэ)ѥ幅є9)Ʉȁѡ͔ɕЁɥ̀%)ͼ́Ѽٔ)ɅȁݡԁɕѥɔѼ)ѡєٕ) ́ԁ̄)5 ɽ5э(5эͽѕ(