Parker County Today September 2017 - Page 59

Continued from page 12 Finishing Finishing Touches Finishing Finishing Touches attorney — one that likes to win his cases and works tirelessly to see that he does. “He’s an unbelievable lawyer, the best I’ve ever seen,” Charlie Gilchrist said. “I think it was Jerry Durant that told me about him. He’s the most thorough lawyer I’ve ever worked with. He’s great in the courtroom, has a great business mind. John is the most well-rounded attorney I’ve ever seen. Thoroughness makes him good. Willingness in the courtroom to fight and to win. He absolutely wants to win.” From the moment Westhoff moved to Parker County with his wife Sue Ann, the couple became extremely active in the community, volunteering and raising money for charitable causes. Sue Ann founded the Peach Pedal, and she is single- handedly responsible for obtaining the abandoned railroad car and the railroad station as the office for the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce. Something that endeared the pair to other business leaders was that they worked to make Weatherford and Parker County a better place to live and raise a family. Some of the projects they’ve supported include the Texas Pythian Home, Sue Ann has worked with Weatherford ISD in various capacities (Campus Improvement Team, District Improvement Team, Project Graduation for its first six years) and the Westhoffs were on the Education Foundation Board since its inception until recently. “John Westhoff is a rock solid supporter of all things that make our community exceptional,” said Zan Prince. “He has served our city in so many ways including The Sheriff’s Posse, the Weatherford ISD Education Foundation, and Civic Development, but the best thing about John Westhoff is that he is a truly good person who does the next right thing for the people and causes that he serves. I am blessed to call him friend.” In 1975 Zellers died. The firm continued to operate after his death with the remaining members and 1999, I.B. Hand retired from the shing ouches BJ Hayley 817.233.9288 BJ Hayley BJ Hayley b 817.233.9288 817.233.9288 B.J. Hayley- Female Contractor bj@finishingtouches. Interior & Exterior Touches Touches Interior & Exterior Commercial & Residential Painting Commercial & Residential Painting Kitchen & Hayley Bath Remodels Interior & Exterior Interior & Exterior Kitchen & Bath Remodels BJ Commercial & Residential Painting Commercial & Residential Painting B.J. Hayley, Female Contractor Kitchen & Bath Kitchen & Remodels Bath Remodels www.FinishingTouches.Pro B.J. Hayley, Female Contractor 817.233.9288 B.J. Hayley, Female Contractor B.J. Hayley, Female Contractor www.FinishingTouches.Pro www.FinishingTouches.Pro www.FinishingTouches.Pro or & Exterior Residential Painting Bath Remodels emale Contractor ingTouches.Pro 809 S. MAIN ST • WEATHERFORD, TX • 76086 • 817-594-8388 57