Parker County Today September 2017 - Page 54

Continued from page 9 Turns out, this is the right time in Vick’s life. “I have two lawyers who work for me. I’m not married, so I don’t have anybody who is calling me to see if I’m coming home for dinner by 7:30, so in the words of Southwest Airlines, ‘I’m now free to move about the country.’ I’ve been able to maintain my docket. I enjoy doing it. It’s a lot of fun.” Goals As Bar President Vick has a number of goals he plans to reach while serving as Bar president. First on his list? “The executive director of the Bar is leaving after 20 years,” Vick said. The first priority for Vick is finding a replacement for her. “I’m heading up a national search for her replace- ment,” he said. “About 110 people have expressed inter- est in that position.” Vick would also like to see better technology in Texas’ legal community. “There’s a world of technology we can leverage in meeting the legal needs of all Texans,” Vick said. “I want to fully develop the bright minds in tech who can bring that to fruition. The day will soon arrive when our citizens can find answers to their legal needs much the same way they find a ride home. We can get that done. It’s time for Texas to have its own technology conference, much like the ABA TECHSHOW.” The Vick Law Tradition Continues While he is proud of all of his children, one special 52 source of pride for Tom Vick is the successful career of another attorney — Gabe T. Vick III. “My son has turned out to be an excellent trial lawyer,” he said, adding that Gabe III is married to anoth- er excellent lawyer. “He’s with a firm in Houston and I enjoy visiting them there.” In fact, the two Vicks will be trying a case together soon. “I’m looking forward to being his co-counsel at trial.” He’s also proud of the growth and progress that his hometown has made in recent years. “Weatherford has really stepped up its game,” Vick said. “I was at Spark in the Park for July 4 th with my daughter. I told her that what’s happening now is what I envisioned when I was mayor. I said ‘If they keep doing stuff like this, a lot of young families will be moving in and raising their kids here.’ She laughed and said, ‘Dad, they already are.’” It sounded like a father-daughter scene from a movie. There’s something about Vick that’s reminiscent of a movie lawyer. Would it be Atticus Finch, perhaps? Actually, no. When asked, if he could star in a movie, playing a lawyer, what movie would he choose? “I’m not sure which movie,” he said. “But, it would definitely be a movie made from a John Grisham novel.” A dedicated lawyer who lives to help and serve his community and his fellow man. It does fit. “It’s a great honor to serve,” he said. “It’s a great honor, a privilege and a whole lot of fun.”