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among the most dangerous sources of radiation because Ray School Community after a one-teacher school erect- they can penetrate skin and kill or damage the cells ed in 1885, was located 14 miles north of Weatherford inside. These rays can be hideous if released in a nuclear and actually had — and this was and is coveted stature explosion, but lifesaving when turned on cancerous cells. 

 — a road sign signifying its existence. The name changed Gamma is the third letter of the Greek alphabet and to Toto in 1912 when the school doubled its staff and carries the numerical value of three. Maybe that’s why became a two-teacher outfit. Located in what today is they named a 19th-century Parker County community the Zion Hill and Central Road area, Toto served farm- ,Gamma — there were only three people. Mighty easy ers in several patches of community — Ervin, Roberts, work for census takers, Gamma. 

 Bugscuffle and Central among them. (Do bugs get into Located a few miles northeast of Millsap, Gamma’s scuffles?)

 post office opened Nov. 1, 1858 with one Eli Hutchins Toto Post Office existed 1894-1904, and a cotton gin serving as postmaster. James W. Price took over as top ginned the local fluff between 1903 and 1917. The last mailman on Sept. 29, 1860 and held the post until the store closed in 1930, the school closed in ’43, and Toto office closed Jan. 8, 1861. People drifted in and out of the blew away.

 area but Gamma slowly disappeared, though it remained on censuses for several years. We know Gamma is no ROSE BUD — According to the Parker County more because the Texas Almanac says it “no longer Historical Commission, “A 1911 Weatherford Democrat exists,” though it is up for adoption.

 article reported from Rose Bud that things were doing well, that crops were being planted and the youngsters LOTTA — Lotta is another area community that were having a good time.” They offered no clue concern- popped up somewhere in Parker County, appearing on ing the community’s location. It is unlikely the town the Lone Star stage between the mid-1870s and mid- was named after a brand of sled. Not much use for sleds 1880s. Not a lotta people in Lotta, either, I’d wager. around these parts. Robert T. Smoot served as the vanished town’s postmas- ter.

•Handbook of Texas Online TOTO — (“I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!” — Wicked Witch of the West)
Toto, first called the • ;
“Performance of a Deadly Vintage,” A River Bend Vineyard Mystery, by Joni Folger, e-book
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