Parker County Today September 2017 - Page 113

Mickenzy Kotarski — Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter ickenzy Kotarski has lived in Parker County her entire life, well almost. She attended Brock High School, swinging her way to state champs with the girl’s baseball team. After she graduated from Brock High School, she attended Weatherford College. She began her nursing career, first in Corpus Christi, but after a very short time she decided she wasn’t ready for the big city life, and was able to get a transfer to move right back to Weatherford.  This 22-year-old bachelorette is currently a neonatal registered nurse at Medical City Arlington. According to Mickenzy, “I love it. It’s a long drive but it’s worth it.” Some of her co-workers question the hour-long drive she makes, M but for her, working with babies every shift is a great reason to make the drive. “They rely on us 100 percent. They are just so sweet. I want to be there for them,” she said. She’s currently working on her under- graduate degree at UTA and plans to become a transport nurse. Those are the nurses that ride in the helicopters or planes that transfer sick babies to a hospital or from a hospital for treat- ment.  Mic [x&\\]H\BX]\ܙ \\[H[[X[[\H\]HX\\X\ 'YH\۸&][YX]X\KH[ؘXHH[H]Y[ B[HۙHوH\[BZYHوHY[ݙHH\Kx&[HYHH[[X[[\8'BHZY [YH[\\XZ]YHوݙ\YH[X[YYXKHYYY]]8&\Y[[܂H[Kx&\ܚ[[ ][YH[[[ ][YK]™ܝ\H[YH\HH[[Y\]H[[X[]B[\HZY 8']8&\\X]\B\ۈ\H[\KH\[˜Y[و[K'B\]ܚ]H[X]\\[H\]X[ۈY[ 8'x&[BYܝXH\H[]\[ۙBXZ\[HY[[YK[H۸&][]]\]\K8'HHZY x&\›[ܝ\][][H[][]H[YY][[B[YZ]Y 8'H\۸&]\HX[[Y H[\][š[Y[H[][]K'B\]ܚ\\H\\Y[H[[H\HB]\[]H\XHۙ˜[]]K]]XZ\[H“ZX[KHZY[\K8'H۸&][X]KLL