Parker County Today September 2017 - Page 110

our heroes: LEGAL EAGLES The Legal Eagles — That the Legal Eagles Call BY MARSHA BROWN What constitutes a “Legal Eagle?” A lawyer that other lawyers would call to help when their kids are in a bind. PCT asked the most successful local attorneys, “Who would you call if one of their children needed an attorney. (Our list is based on their answers) Top Recommendations and Their Top Areas of Practice LEGAL EAGLES - Top Recommendations and Their Top Areas of Practice Lawyers whose primary practice is in Parker County; listed under their primary practice area of law.   Top 10 Exemplary Women in Law Michelle Audet (Elder Law) Deborah A. Kernan (Criminal Defense) Lisa A. Crow (Family Law) Kathleen Pekny Catania — (Criminal) Assistant Parker County District Attorney’s Office Kary L. Key (Family Law and Equine Law BZHܛH\ ܚ[Z[[]H\\[\\[H\X]ܛ^x&\ٙXB[Y\[ZR[Z[ۈ [Z[H]BXYZ[XH8$ ܚ[Z[[ H8$\\[\\[B\X]ܛ^BXܘZXܙY܈\[ [Z[H]BY[H[ۈ8%[Z[H]• H[[Z[H]‘ˈX\X HX\^KY ]ʈ HH]]\K’[Y\[ZR[Z[ۈ8$]ٙXHق[Y\[Z[Z[ۈ“\HKܛ8$]ܛ^H]]‘XܘZXܙY܈\[8%\[]\B\\YYY[[Z[H]°\]H[[[ؘ]H]”ܛXH[8$ܛXH[ ˂[XXH YZ[\8$Y\ۈ[X[\]H[\[\]’[Y\ Y\ۋ HY\ۈ[][\ HY\ۈ[K\8$\XY\ۈ8$Y\ۈ[L\ٙ8%ܙ[ \ٙ \\YYY[[Y\X[X[\]H]ˆЛ\\YYY[\H[[]°][]Y][ۂK\ʈ H\[X[HKX8$Y\ۈ[]Y \8$Y\ۈ[K\ٙ8$ܙ[ \ٙ[[HY[XH8$Y[XH ]Yܙ]\\YYY[][X[]°ܚ[Z[[]’ۛܘXHۘ[KXJ H\\[B\X]ܛ^B[Y[ˈ\^H Y[JH8$X\^KXXZ] Y[JH8$\\[^HBXܘZK\[ Y[JH8$H\[]\K”][]\^ Y[JH8$][]\^’Y^HKZ[ H\\[\X]ܛ^H܂\\[B\\YYY[ܚ[Z[[]°X܈[[\[]’K\ʈ H\\\YYY[X܈[[\[]°[[\]’XY\ۈ8$Y\ۈ[][\8$Y\ۈ[\ٙ8%ܙ[ \ٙ[8'\\YYY8'H\Y ]YX[H^\\وY[XX[^][ۈ\]\YH\YX][ۈY\HܙY[[Y\[[\[\