Parker County Today September 2017 - Page 11

Sit in Comfort 2312 Montgomery St., Fort Worth 76107 Located in the Cultural Arts District • 817.377.1004 Open Mon- Fri 9-6, Sat. 9-5 Choose from over 100 bar stools for your kitchen, bar or game room from April 3 through April 10, Texas CPS removed 439 children that were under the age of 18 from the church’s YFZ Ranch, while law enforcement, including the Texas Rangers, execut- ed their search and arrest warrants on the premises. “When that whole thing shook out, they decided that they needed lawyers to represent all those chil- dren. They looked to me and said, ‘Do you think you could find lawyers to represent those kids?’” Vick said. “I said, ‘Sure.’ It was on a Wednesday or Thursday and the hearing was going to be the following Thursday. So, I had about a week to get, I thought, 10 or 20 lawyers to go down there. The law didn’t require a differ- ent lawyer for each one of those kids. Then they said, ‘We don’t have any money to pay these lawyers. Can you get 10 lawyers to take these cases pro-bono?’” Again Vick said, “Sure.” Then, Vick got a call the next day from a representative of the Texas Supreme Court. It seemed things had changed. He said, “The judge down there has decided that she wants a lawyer for each child. Do you think you could find 400 lawyers to go down there for free?” Vick’s answer was the same. “I said, ‘Sure we can,’” Vick said. “In about four days we mobilized the entire Family Law Bar and all those great people went to El Dorado, Texas. Somewhere, I have a picture of all those lawyers lining up to get into the courthouse, the morning the hearing started. That was my proud- est day as a lawyer, seeing so many of my colleagues come from all over the state to safeguard the rights of those children.” That’s when Vick was first bombarded by other lawyers who wanted him to run for President of the Texas Bar. Vick’s answer was, “Never.” As recently as 2014, Vick was still saying that he would never run for president of the Texas Bar Association. What changed? “It takes a lot of time,” Vick said. “You have to do it at the right time in your life.” Continued on page 52 9