Parker County Today September 2016 - Page 91

The Beretta is his gun of choice. “I’ve always shot a Beretta shotgun. I started out with a 12 gauge Beretta 3901 semiauto and now shoot a 12 gauge Beretta DT-11 over/under shotgun,” Wyatt said. He has also won many awards in the four years that he has been shooting. He has won State Champion for three years at the 4-H State Championships as well as winning all three of the major Texas stock show events including the San Antonio Junior Shoot-out, Houston Young Guns Sporting Clays Competition, and the San Angelo Shotgun Shoot-out. “I won the Texas Parks & Wildlife Whiz-bang State Finals,” Wyatt said. “I’ve also won various 4-H events across the State of Texas and events in the National Sporting Clays Association.” His winnings include scholarships, firearms, buckles and various other awards. Wyatt’s goals being in the Parker County Shooting Sports is to shoot on the USA National Shotgun Team, and will include lots of physical and mental preparation, which entails constant practice, readiness, and focus. His advice to others is, “Be prepared and don’t give up. This includes practicing, having your equipment ready, being physically and mentally prepared, and having good focus when competing.” What Wyatt enjoys the most is the close friendships that he has built throughout the state of Texas and the oppor- SEPTEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY 89