Parker County Today September 2016 - Page 61

was in rough shape, with “A big red tear duct hanging outside of his eye,” and the general unkempt state that comes with living on his own for those five long months. “[After] nobody claimed him I took him down to the vet and he fixed his eye and he has been with us ever since,” Knesek said. Although the Kneseks already owned a dog, Samson, they took Dickens in anyway. “Samson was older and he had been alone since Whiney [another of the family’s previous dogs] had died, but he [Dickens] and Samson just played. He brought new life to Samson. Then when Samson died we got Dolly to keep Dickens company because he was so young,” Knesek said. Dolly and Dickens get along pretty well. The only snag the Knesek family has discovered is that “Dolly is an escape artist.” Not even an electric fence can stand in her way when it comes to her great escapes. When Knesek first took Dickens to the vet, she found that he was around 5 months old. What the vet didn’t tell her is that he was a Pit-bull terrier mix. When confronted about it on their next visit the doctor replied, “Some people get scared because they think they are aggressive, but they’re not. They are really loving dogs.” Both Dickens and Dolly are very sweet Pit-bull terrier mixes. The only thing you have to fear about Dickens is that he might “lick you to death. He is a licker,” Knesek said. “He comes in and licks her [Dolly] and then licks the carpet.” Rachel Knesek, the youngest Livestock care and rehabilitation member of the Knesek family, said, “He really likes to lick shoes and we actually had to buy a new carpet because it got so crusty from all the licking.” Dolly and Dickens were lucky to find such a loving home in the Knesek household. Knesek and the rest of the Knesek family believe that little Watershed Dickens was meant to find his way to their home. With just a little help from the mailman, Watershed Dickens was able to find a kind and loving home where he truly belongs. In house Labs Newest technology in operating rooms Providing Services for: EQUINE • LIVESTOCK CANINE • FELINE Dr. Sweatt • Dr. McLeod • Dr. Hutchins 8283 FM 920 • Weatherford, Texas • 817-458-3355 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY equine surgical clinic SEPTEMBER 2016 State of the art facility and mobile services 59