Parker County Today September 2016 - Page 6

A Letter From The Editor SEPTEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY M 4 ark Twain once said, “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” My take on Twain’s words is that the majority of the things that we fear, that we stress over, the things that cause us the most anxiety, never happen. A lot of them aren’t a real threat in the first place. It’s a lesson that I learned as a very young child. When my parents would go out for the night or out of town they’d leave us in the charge of either a cute teenager named Marion Alice or my childless aunt. Both let us get by with murder, would let us stay up all hours of the night and would indulge us with candy and (gasp) soft drinks. Worst of all, they would allow me to watch Nightmare Theater (Yikes!). The reason that was a bad idea is that Nightmare Theater was appropriately named. Small children (I was 4 or 5) would tend to have nightmares after watching Nightmare Theater. The format was this — a guy in a bad suit and hat accompanied by another dressed up in a really bad gorilla suit would introduce a horror film and then they’d appear after commercials and eat popcorn and comment on how scary the movie was, just in case the little kids watching the movie didn’t realize how frightening it was. After one of these babysittersanctioned B-movie viewings, I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming from the nightmares. It was very Bonnie Blue Butler out of GWTW. The abundance of soda pop and candy probably didn’t help either. My parents would chew out the babysitter and leave snarky notes on the fridge whenever they left us in the care of either of them. The notes read something like, “If you let Marsha watch Nightmare Theater, we will call you when she has nightmares.” Then the babysitter would grill me, certain that I’d ratted her out, “You told them, didn’t you?” I never did. My parents were smart enough to realize that I had the nightmares after being in the care of one of my indulgent babysitters. After watching House of Wax, the nightmares persisted for months, spurred on by the sight of Vincent Price wearing a really unattractive, badly done mask, peering into Phyllis Kirk’s bedroom window. This image was so frightening that the family wi VW"Frv076vVBFwV&BRBגFW FFVBvFƖvBFג&6^( @666RFR7W'F2WfW'v@gFW"GV6rRF&VB'WBF@ǒFRBv'6R( Ėb^( 2WBFW&Rv( BpB( 6BfǒV6FW f6Rb&V66RWvF6WF( F2vrb66'wW2WBFW&RB^( &&Bv^( 6R'Vr( ג'&FW"&6B( ŖR66VWvFג&6V&&B( FR&Bv2FRffFRvVW"FrFRvFƖvB@FR&B( B6WBvFFVf"V'0VFFRvRbf6VB&6RVW&rF&VvFR&VG&vFr`&WGGv&fǒfFVBFW6RF2( B6g&B`FRF&'WBF7G&W72&WBFW Fw2ƖR7BGVG2FR'W6W72v&BFVBF7G&W72&W@'W6W72&WB7FrVBFRV&Ɨ6rv&BVWrFPFW&W7BbגwFR&VFW'2bFRGW&RB&'&ФvVW&F2vRFrFRGFVFb֖V2GG&7Fr&PbFV7FrVBbFR7W'fR6FVrF&GV6RV&Ɩ6FFN( 2&VWfBN( 2ƗGFR66'N( 2&B7G&W76gVBrvFRfV"bFRF&W72&WGW&VBv2WW7FVCv^( @W7B6VBFRvRF&W72G&vvVBגF&VB6&GRFV6B6vW"BfVF&VBFF&VBF&FW"66rא&VG&G&W2&Vf&RG&gFrF6VWBW"r&W67VPFrv2BגfVWBV&BЧ6&r2G&gFVBFVg6V&W"WfVW"Frv&2FV6ࠤvRF7G&vR&&r@v6( BN( 2W7VvFǒW'BWGFrW2rFBFW&R26@"&FW&r&VBW 7vWBg&BvF2v206W&W2&&&&FBv2V&@ǒvVV2vW&R6Vƶp&WB7G'VvvVBFVגG'BWW2FW&RRv2WG6FRאvFrvFFRVFVB67FW f6Rbf6VB&6RVW&rגvFrw&VB&VBFP&VG6VWG2f"FRvFV&BF@ג'&FW"BvfVR6pv'WBBB&VVV'266R@FVBF&VBvFR( BFV6FW2f7BऒF6VBFB2v&VB66'&VBG2R6WF6VBW&F6&V&rFR7FVB( vVFW&f&B&W"6VGƗfp7'G2WFvFF@WfW'FvF&RƖfW7GW2( vFVBF67&V'WBגF&Bv0FG'BFRǒ6VBFB6VBRv2FWF2&76r6"fǒגf66&G26RFƖfRvF&W76fVǒVB&F7W&FƖr67&VBFF( B7BrvRח6VbWFR&Bv2VGRv2BגvFr@v2VBג7W6Rv2@V6VBR6VBvBv2w&r77W&VBFBFrv2w&rऒW7BB&BG&V&WBf6V@&6RvrFFRV&Ɨ6r'W6W72&W"6VGRVB@R&WGGV6FRvRv02BRvVWfW"7VvFFB&ffVB&VBG&wVVBW&W76*( ėN( 2fR7vVWFR( &V77W&V@( FvRv&6V&&C( ФR&ƖVB26VW&ffV@WW2( 'WBvRfR6W7F6( Ф6֖VB( FN( F( ХvV6RF&W"6VGFF( 26WFV&W"#b77VRRRV&VFrBvRfV@'&vrBFR'6'&vVFF"֖6VbV&Ɨ6W"6@w&vW"F"B&&7F`&W"6VGFFvP