Parker County Today September 2016 - Page 35

Reed Wainwright, Attorney at Law Dream Job: Professional Baseball Player SEPTEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Growing up in Alabama, Wainwright was intrigued by the law and sports.  “I wanted to be a professional baseball player,” he said, adding that his dream did come true, for a while. “I got to play for the Padres, so I somewhat got to experience it.” Professional baseball players don’t have a lot of time for their families and his life was changed dramatically with the birth of his daughter. He coached college football for a time. “My marriage failed and so I wanted to stay close to my daughter,” Wainwright said. “While I coached at TCU, I got my law degree,” he said, adding that his degree came from Texas Wesleyan University Law School (now Texas A&M University School of Law.) He’s been an attorney for 15 years, now.  Why law? “Both my grandfathers were in law enforcement,” Wainwright said, “and my uncle was a deputy when I was growing up. He and my aunt lived at the jail. I’d spend the night with them and he’d take me into the jail. He always treated the inmates with such respect. He treated them like regular people who were going through a bad time in their lives. That was always intriguing to me. People are so set on needing to punish these people, but I believe in rehabilitation. I want to get people a second chance.” The focus of Wainwright’s practice is criminal defense. He loves practicing law.   “I feel that I’ve helped some of my clients turn their lives around,” Wainwright said.  33