Parker County Today September 2016 - Page 26

Dennis Hooks and grandsons Jagger and Tag DENNIS HOOKS SEPTEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY   24 Weatherford’s recently Retired Mayor Dennis Hooks has two sons, Kory and Kip, and five grandkids. Kory is father to Jagger (12) and Tag (8). Kip has three boys, Hunter (19), Kayd (14), and Trip (11). “We moved to Northern California but now we’re back in Parker County,” Kory said. “He [Dad] is very giving and always helping people in need.” Both Jagger and Tag said that was one of the best things about their “Papa.” “There are a lot of great things,” Jagger explained. “He’s nice and he does a lot for people that are down.” Some things that Jagger enjoys doing with his Papa are playing golf  and when they get to go to his house and talk with him. Tag agreed with his brother’s sentiments. “I like that he gives everybody great presents,” Tag said. “And he loves everyone. He helps everybody he can. I just like spending time with him.”