Parker County Today September 2016 - Page 113

do and you enjoy enough that you would forfeit going to the movies?’ he said ‘Grandad, I don’t know.’ I told him to think about it. He’d come home after work and watch TV and I asked him if that became boring. I thought he was hopeless. So I thought the best thing to do was to take him to the shows.” Being a member of about five different shows, Roberts took his grandson with him and now he has a big interest in the tractors. With the many tractors he has, Roberts shows his tractors at the shows he’s involved in. “There’s one in Granbury. Three here in Texas, one in Oklahoma. The next one is going to be one in Comanche and the one after that in Gainesville. I go to all of them and become a member,” he said. “Memberships get me into all these shows for free. I’ve got a tree about two feet wide and about eight feet high that is full of all the shows I’ve been to and with all the things I’ve won.” And apparently if you win in the show you also get a free meal which Roberts is pretty fond of. “If you don’t have anything you can’t show but I’ve won all these things like knives, tools and dinners. With my membership I get to go to the show for free and if I win I get a free meal and free pass and free membership for the rest of the year. Becoming a member makes the payback pretty nice.” At the moment he has two more tractors waiting for him in the shed and he has no plans to quit. “I’m having trouble handling some of the pieces, I just don’t have the strength,” he said. “My older son and my grandson told me to call them anytime I need help. But that interferes with their jobs and I just can’t call every time I need them. It might be three times a day or I may not need them for three or four days. I guess I just can’t bother them so I’m kind of pushing back. I’m still working on one as we speak. But I’m not going to quit until I can’t get up in the morning.” SEPTEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY 111