Parker County Today September 2016 - Page 11

Sierra Lambert Sierra Lambert is a native of Parker County and attended Brock High School. He is a financial planner in town with Raymond James Financial, so we knew before the competition started that he was savvy with money. But what we didn’t know was how hard he’d work to become our bachelor of the year. When we asked about his experience, he said, “It was a good experience. There is a lot of work that goes into it but it’s rewarding when it’s all said and do ne. Sierra is continuing working with the Careity Foundation and helping them raise even more money for local cancer patients. “I like working with the Careity Foundation. I’m still doing stuff with them,” said Lambert. He Photo by Megan Parks also enjoyed working with the team at Short Chef. According to Sierra, “They all work extremely hard and they are very competitive. If you can choose a team of people to raise money with, they are great on your team and they cook pretty well.” His experience as a bachelor was positive overall and he admitted, “I didn’t have any expectations going in. I met some good contacts and got some notoriety. In my field you hear insurance or financial planner you think Wall Street or salesman. Being in the public eye as one of the bachelors shows everyone that you’re just a regular guy.” Careity Foundation is the proud recipient of Sierra’s hard-earned funds. Although Careity’s bachelor, Colton Wallis was also last year’s winner raising $18,500 for their cause in 2015, Sierra added almost $10,000 more than last year’s winner did to their coffers to help Parker County’s citizens with life-saving early detection and treatment support for many different kinds of cancers. Lyn Walsh, co-founder of Careity enjoyed working with Sierra and said, “My experience was wonderful. He just worked and worked at event after event and because of that we were very successful. He worked hard to make us the charity of the year.” She also complimented Short Chef’s participation saying, “Short Chef creations were just incredible. It was a wonderful team.” Careity has a large group of volunteers who worked with founders Walsh and Beverly Branch and she said their participation was integral to their team’s success, “The volunteers and Dr. Joel Kleven were awesome,” she said. Careity has been a lifesaver for over 20 years for cancer patients and their families in Parker County. The chef winner of the year may be new to the restaurant business, but many have enjoyed their delicious food because they have been catering around town for almost four years. The chef of the year statuette stands proudly beside the cash register at the bistro located at 120 College Avenue, just south of the downtown square. “We felt like movie stars,” said Laura Tulley, Director of Business Development. “I was so worried and I just can’t believe it,” said Chef Heather Jundt Bullard. Heather served the party guests mushrooms stuffed with shrimp, cheese and wrapped in bacon, raspberry mousse layered cake and even decorated their booth with a lifelike representation of Sierra carved into a watermelon. “There have been lots of people who have come in because of the event and have noticed our statue,” said Owner Jennifer Lundy. Two of the three women have used Careity’s services and through that and their hosting of cancer support groups in the restaurant they already had a special connection to the charity. Of Sierra, Heather said, “He’s fun, really a hoot, Continued on page 15