Parker County Today PCT June 2018 - Page 85

Parker County Today: What do you do in your day- to-day?  John Coates: On a day-to-day basis, I assist custom- ers with their John Deere equipment wants and needs from lawn tractors and Gator Utility Vehicles to tractors and hay equipment. I also assist our parts and service departments as they provide their respec- tive services to customers. PCT: How did you get into this business?  JC: After graduating college, my high school Ag teacher, Donald Pilgrim, referred me to the John Deere dealership in Rhome. They were looking to hire an outside salesman to represent Parker County. I was fortunate to be hired by James McGilvray for that position. I have sold John Deere equipment since January of 1998. PCT: What is your backup job if you weren’t in this business?  JC: My backup job would be in the field of sales. PCT: What is your favorite thing about your job? JC: I enjoy providing a solution to people. Many times our customers know what they need or want to do, but do not know what equipment will help them achieve those goals. Recommending equipment as a solution and assisting them in understanding its operation is enjoyable to me. JC: Work harder than you would for your dad and help others as you would for your mom! PCT: What is the best piece of advice you can give to customers? JC: For those who haven’t purchased, John Deere designs their equipment per customer feedback. Get in the seat of a John Deere to feel the differ- ence. Reading specifications is not going to help you in the field. To those who have purchased: Read your opera- tor’s manual! It contains valuable information about your product and helps you glean the benefits the manufacturer designed into your equipment. To everyone: Buy John Deere! PCT: What is the most interesting thing you have seen in your field? JC: Most interesting thing I have seen in my field? The evolution of John Deere company’s focus to provide such a vast lineup of all equipment in response to market demands. John Deere has been known for providing high-specification equipment for over 180 years. But in the last 20 years, the company has expanded their line to include more basic lawn equipment and tractors to meet the needs of more customers. This extensive product offering allows the John Deere dealers to supply almost every buyer’s budget and needs, yet provide the high-specification equipment many producers require. PCT: What have you learned in pursuing your field?  JC: I have learned that service beyond the sale and a PCT: What is something that others don’t know working knowledge of what you are selling is valu- about you or your job?  able to most people. Everyone deserves good service.  JC: I would love to play every style of guitar from classical to blues and country to rock (currently, PCT: What advice can you give others who may “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” is a challenge). want to follow in your footsteps? 83