Parker County Today PCT June 2018 - Page 68

smile. I don’t intend to ever act my age. I’ll always love those little cars.”  The Wallers are a licensed Mattel Dealer, so they don’t sell used cars. Patrons are able to come in and browse the collection or purchase a one- of-a-kind car. No matter the reason for coming in, the collection is defi- nitely a treat to take in one afternoon.  “If they don’t have it, they can probably find it in storage,” Sonya said. The Wallers are thinking about selling the company and retiring. Jerry says he would sell it, but it would have to be for the right amount. So if they do sell, what will happen to all the cars?  “Well, most cars go up in value; there will probably be a sale. We do give a lot to the Shoe Box Christmas every year, several of the local churches for missions and orphans and other charity events. We give boxes and boxes away to those that are in need of a smile. The rest of the Hot Wheels, well, I just haven’t thought on that yet,” Sandra said.  Sandra’s Hot Wheels aren’t the only things on display in the store. Customers can also browse her ceramic angels and other historic Weatherford memorabilia, including photos from Weatherford’s first fire house and truck. Jerry also has an antique carpet installer and vacuum cleaner on display for customers when they come in. It doesn’t take long to realize that Jerry’s favorite thing about his job is not the flooring, but the people. Even if the Wallers do sell their business in the upcoming years, Jerry still loves to talk to everyone that comes in and show them around, letting them explore the past 50 years of his life.  Jerry’s own words outline the reason for their success, “I like people BVFƶrFVRF( BFfVB&BRFP&'&V( *B2FBGFGVFRb7W7FW"&V6FBFV"fRf"FV"'W6ЦW72FB2FRFvB6VG'G&V7W&VBvVFW&f&B7FGRЧFDU2%UDR42'&2bVGbVvFP6WF6FR7V&R( "2r6W&6( "vVFW&f&BFW2sc`6Sc`pУP@ ` &R6W2b6W'f6R66RSWG&SpУP`pP( 4ŒtTBbdԔŒU$DTN( ХvR&R&VBF&RFRFW7B6FVW6ǒf֖ǒvVB&R6FR&V