Parker County Today PCT June 2018 - Page 64

our business: TOWN AND COUNTRY FLOORING Town and Country Flooring — From the Ground Up The 50 years of love and work that created a PC treasure By MISTY BROWNING Photos By ZACH PETERSON Jerry Waller 62 A s you drive up South Main toward the courthouse, it’s hard not to notice the corner building on Oak Street with the angel and Bible verse mural. It’s part of Weatherford’s community landscape — a familiar sight in a constantly changing city. Although the mural is not too old — not by Weatherford standards at least — the building itself is almost as old as Weatherford. Built in 1891 by the Masons, it served as a nighttime meeting place of the Phoenix Lodge from 1891 to 1987. During the day, it has been a multitude of businesses, including a grocery store, bakery, and a butane store. The familiar and striking angel mural on the south wall was painted by artist John Stout in 1989, the first Christmas after Jerry and Sandra Waller moved their busi- ness, Town and Country Flooring, to its current location. Jerry bought it as a present for his wife since she loved angels so much. “They wanted $5,000 for it and I told them it was too much,” Jerry said. “They called back and said they would do it for free and I said, ‘No.’ They said they had a figure in their head and I asked how much it was. It turns out it