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T ara Stark and her daughter Lauren Glass (who is also a realtor working on her mother’s team) were on a family retreat, but they found time to sit on a rock over- looking the lake as they kicked around the idea of either moving to tonier and ideally configured digs, or staying where they were. “We knew that we had to make a decision,” Stark said.  Stark met attorney Jack Eggleston when he and his father, Jim Eggleston (who is also an attorney), invited her to lunch. The two formidable lawyers had proposed that she bring her real estate operation to an office in their building that was then under construction, on Houston Avenue.  “They wanted to bring a realtor into the mix and they wanted me,” Stark said. “It was a big decision for me to move because we’re still Keller-Williams. I knew we needed extra space so we could bond together. In our old office, there was an office down this hall and another down another hall and it was really hard to build our team when our offices were scattered that way.” They compared the pros and cons, but ultimately it came down to one thing, Stark said: “What does your heart tell you to do? What does your future look like?” Definitely the two realtors came to the conclusion: Compare Our CD Rates Bank-issued, FDIC-insured 6-month 1-year 2-year “This is what our future looks like,” Stark said. “The future” is truly stunning, bright, beautifully modern and airy with a spectacular view of the Historic Weatherford Square. “It’s literally the vision I had of what my office would be, the vision I had in the first year I started in real estate,” Stark said.  She had to seek the approval of Keller-Williams Corporate, but that was approved. “Lauren and I totally designed it. It could not have come together any better. We wanted it to be open and modern.” When Stark first got into the real estate business 15 years ago, a friend saw a three-story Keller Williams office in a historic area of San Francisco and sent the photo to her. She was stunned. The likeness to the Eggleston Building is uncanny. “I absolutely love it,” Stark said. “This feels like home. I told Jack that we may need more space soon.” She is aggressively seeking new agents. While so many business owners ask, “How do we want our business to look five years from now?” Stark asks, “How will my business look 200 years from now?”   “I want to build a business that will still be standing in 200 years,” she said.  1.95 % APY* Minimum deposit 2.25 % APY* Minimum deposit 2.75 % APY* Minimum deposit $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00 * Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective 05/02/2018. CDs offered by Edward Jones are bank-issued and FDIC-insured up to $250,000 (principal and interest accrued but not yet paid) per depositor, per insured depository institution, for each account ownership category. Please visit or contact your financial advisor for additional information. Subject to availability and price change. CD values are subject to interest rate risk such that when interest rates rise, the prices of CDs can decrease. If CDs are sold prior to maturity, the investor can lose principal value. FDIC insurance does not cover losses in market value. Early withdrawal may not be permitted. Yields quoted are net of all commissions. CDs require the distribution of interest and do not allow interest to compound. CDs offered through Edward Jones are issued by banks and thrifts nationwide. All CDs sold by Edward Jones are registered with the Depository Trust Corp. (DTC). Financial Advisor 300 South Main Street Ste 200 Weatherford, TX 76086 817-596-5841 Member SIPC . Donna J Alberts, CF C (