Parker County Today PCT June 2018 - Page 16

that will line the streets selling hand- made items. For the little ones, take them to the “Peach Zone,” where they can enjoy free events including a mini-train ride and bounce house. Local businesses like Home Depot will have free activities and crafts for kids to participate in.   Before the festival, Weatherford turns into Peach Festival central with fun family events. One event that includes the entire community is the “5 Days of Peaches.” Five days before the festival, the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce visits local businesses to promote the business and celebrate all-things-peachy.  Another favorite event is the food competition, bringing cooks from all over Parker County and surrounding areas to battle for the best peach reci- pe. For the last four years, more than 50 people have competed in a variety of categories for $3 an entry or $5 for two. All proceeds are donated to the Parker County United Way. The only rule is that all recipes must contain peaches.  Whether you come for the food or the fun, the Parker County Peach Festival is a must-do event that will give you and your kids’ memories for a lifetime. For more informa- tion, go to parkercountypeachfes- Again, Parker County Peach Festival will start at 8 a.m. and continue to 5 p.m. Admission is only $5 for adults and FREE for children 12 and under. Tickets may be purchased in advance for a discounted price of $4 at the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce office, 401 Fort Worth Hwy. in Weatherford. 3. Get Away, Stay Close Vacations are supposed to be relax- ing, right?  But, sometimes a long drive with the family can be more stressful than a week at work, while a vacation involving a short drive can be just what the doctor ordered.  The PCT staff discovered the perfect place for just such an escape and it’s only a pleasant, five-minute drive from Weatherford. The Double F River Ranch, near Brock, is the perfect place for a relaxing family get away. Experience nature together and POSSUM KINGDOM LAKE Camping Fishing Boating Hiking Come experienc RgV@6FVBW7BS֖W2vW7BbvVFW&f&@W"G&77VԶvFR6УssӃ336RfW"FR'&2&fW"BFPFV&Rb&fW"&6&V֖BW'6VbbFRFw2PfR7B&WB7VFrFRvFW"f֖ǒ*vVrFFRFRG&&PFFR&6f"fWrF2FRf'7@FrRfRFF2F66P&WGvVVFRGvfW'FffW&V@66FF2*W"66RFWVBFP6RbW"f֖ǒBvW2bW 6G&VbRfR&vW"w&Wvr"R6ǒfR&vvW f֖ǒRvBF66Pw&G( 2f&ֆW6Rw&G( 22W7BvB^( @WV7BN( 2Gv&VG&Gv&Ff&ֆW6RFB6W26WFRvF67&VVF"f"FRG2F6@w&&VB&6gW&6VBvF6g6'2vW&RR66@WBBvBBvF6FR6Fp7F'2Bf&VfƖW2vRFRBv0B6FW26W&VFRR*'VBCFRf&ֆW6R07FVBVW&W2f֖ǒvWBFvWFW'0F&VvWBFRV'2BN( 2&VV&V6VFǒ&VfFVBF( Bv''&VfF2vW&R7FW&gVǒ66ЧƗ6VB62FFFPFW2f&ֆW6R6&FR&60ff&FR7Bbf֖ƖW2vFrFvWBvFvWFW"*&&W'B&VFf&N( 2FW7BfRv0fVB'BWBBFRFV&Rb*6FVVBvR#