Parker County Today PCT June 2018 - Page 15

There are numerous ways to enjoy the park. One is driving it in your own vehicle, allowing a leisurely drive through the park at your own pace while seeing some of your favorite animals. But we recommend a guided tour, one with a driver to navigate the roads, allowing you to enjoy time with your family and take memory-capturing photos. The guid- ed tours are a fantastic way to take in the park, and be educated by knowl- edgeable guides about the animals you’re feeding. With a wide selection of tours, visitors are able to learn animal and park knowledge from the highly-trained guides. The two-hour guided tour is recommended for all ages, and is the perfect opportunity to listen to the stories of the park and the animals that roam its rich prairie.  The behind–the-scenes tours are a fantastic experience that allows visitors to experience parts of the park not visited on the scenic tour. The behind-the-scenes tour will not only take you through a guided tour around the park, but will allow you to view the animals in their Intensive Management Area. With this area being off-limits to drive-through guests, you will get a special look that most people aren’t allowed to see.  With the wide variety of tours, a children’s area and petting zoo, as well as a restaurant that serves kid- friendly cuisine, Fossil Rim is a place for parents to survive the hyena days of summer. Go to for more information. 2. Parker County Peach Festival Take in the Peach Fest Together- Missing It Would be the Pits  Celebrating its 34 th  year, the Parker County Peach Festival will be held on July 14 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Historic Downtown Weatherford. A popular event for the booming downtown area, the festival will bring in more than 30,000 visitors to the downtown area in search for homegrown fun and peach-flavored food. Jam-packed with fun activities for every member of your family, the festival is a must-do. Take a stroll through the dozens of craft vendors 13