Parker County Today PCT June 2018 - Page 13

Leadership By Example: Dee S. Finley, Jr. By Kendall D. Adair T Dee S. Finley, Jr. served many years on the Board of Directors of Hope Farm, a non-profit group whose mission is “guiding at-risk boys to become Christ-centered men of integrity.” If you want an example of true friendship and selflessness, picture Charlie, an unrepentant Aggie, leading a packed sanctuary in the singing of “The Eyes of Texas!” But such was their friendship and has been their example to us all. Dee was a GREAT lawyer. I won’t list all of his many professional accolades. He was quick to share his knowledge and success with young lawyers, and no one benefitted from that sharing more than me. Dee was my mentor for over 30 years. It is sad to think that I’ll never again settle into a chair in Dee’s office and ask “What do you think about this?” But to say goodbye is not the end; through our association with Dee, we all at Harris, Finley & Bogle have learned much about lives well lived inside and outside the practice of law. We cannot hope to fill Dee’s shoes, but we can try, and in trying preserve the worthy legacy he and Charlie established many years ago. As Charlie so perfectly said: “Goodbye my friend. I will miss you.” here is personal success and there is professional success, and for some there is both. To hope to fall into the latter camp requires role models to emulate and mentors from whom sound advice may b ͽ՝иQ!ɥ̰䀘 )䁡͕́ͥ܁ݥѠ)ѡᅵѡɷéɥչ̰) ɱ́!ɥ́䰁ݡٔ)ٕٕ́Ʌɑ䁥ѕɥ䁅)ɽͥ丁Qٕ́݅́ȁɔ٥)ѡ5Ѡѡ́啅Ȱݡݔ)ͅЁձѥѕѥɕݕѼ)L䰁)ȸݡ͕݅5Ѡ($݅́䁵ٕ䁵Ս)ٔݥѠ́ݥ 䰁ݡݕ)䰁ѡȁɕɥMɅ)ḬѡȁȁɅɕ])́Ʌɕѡȁɕ)ɅѡȃqtЁ݅́ȁ՝)ѡЁ݅́ՍٕɕɸQ)ͽЁѥ́쁥Ё́ɸ)ѕѥ䁭ѡ՝љհݽɑ)́ɽѕѥ䁭)ѡ՝љհ($х́չɝɅՅє)܁ɕ́ɽѡUٕͥ䁽)Q̸!݅́٥ȁхչ)ѕȁٕ́1ɹ̸!)݅́ѡѕЁQUٕͥ)ɥɽ́Ёݽɬ)չ䰁݅́ ɵѡ) AQȁQɹЁɽ(ȴаѡ ɐQѕ́) 屽ȁḾ5 ѕȰ(