Parker County Today October 2017 - Page 99

our taste: RESTAURANT REVIEW Home Again Farms — For That “Grandma’s For Sunday Dinner” Fare BY THE WEATHERFORD FOODIE The Family Table at Home Again Farms — Comfort Food Served with Rural Appeal I The Family Table at Home Again Farms is located at 6151 on Mineral Wells Highway, 3 miles west of the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse building, Weatherford 76088. They serve lunch Monday through Friday 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. You can call to make arrangements to pick up one of their to-go casseroles. Call them at 817-757- 3958 or find them on Facebook at The Family Table at Home Again Farms. Weatherford Foodie can be found at and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Urbanspoon, Foursquare and Pinterest. travel regularly between Weatherford and Mineral Wells and noticed a new restaurant had opened, named The Family Table at Home Again Farms. The eatery opened on June 12, located three miles west of the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse grounds in the building once occupied by Tommy Boy BBQ. My companion and I pulled into the large, pea-gravel parking lot, parked and proceeded to enter the open- gated patio and went inside the restaurant. To the left is a service counter with an old-fashioned soda fountain and beyond that is the daily buffet. There was no menu to leaf through, only the daily choices. Options change every day and are published a week in advance on the restaurant’s Facebook page. It is a buffet-style meal served with a smile by the owner April Meador. This day the choices were baked Ziti or Chicken Divan, creamed corn or southern green beans and for dessert, Sopapilla cheesecake or peach cobbler. I had both Ziti and Chicken Divan, creamed corn and peach cobbler. My companion had Chicken Divan, southern green beans and sopapilla cheesecake. Together, we covered every dish a Z[XH]^KH]H\^[ B[\\HX[][]XX[[HXH\\XH[[KYX[[]8&\ٝ[]\H܈\]ܝ[KH\H[\Y\H]H\ˈHܛ\HY[XYH\[ۈقܙX[YYܛ[\H[]H\Y]\^H[YK]H و\K[H[]HY[]\ٚYY [\HYX[ HYYYHق^H\[[۸&\Y\XZH[\\HX\Y ^BXXؘ\\Y\\H]H\H]B]\Y8%[H]HYYXXؘ\܈BXX\][\]][ۋHXX\\HٝY]\H[\H\\HY[[[وܝ\˜\[Y[] Y\[[XXH[ H]ۈ[H]Hۙ\[\[ܛYY]]\][x&Y\Y\]Z[XH\HZKZYH[\^Hٙ\\\\Y\ܙ\[XYXHBH[ۈ]YY[]\HH LL[K\Xš]\[ZH]YH\H[[\][[H[]HH[ XYYX[[[\YH]]][ˈ]8&\]H \[\\H]YHX[[[]YH[B\ؘ[][H X^Z[H^H\BۛH[܈[Y˂HH^H[ۈH[܈[\[™ܝ\] H[]HH[\X[ H[YY^HYX[[[H[ ˂M