Parker County Today October 2017 - Page 96

our youth: AG STARS GAVIN PRELLWITZ Never “Steered” Off His Course BY MELISSA MOORMAN It Means Early Mornings, Long Days and Hard Work— For Gavil Prellwitz It’s Worth All the Trouble G 94 avin Prellwitz is a busy seventh-grader at Weatherford Christian School. Coming off a successful run at the Parker County Livestock Improvement Association show this summer, Gavin used his winnings to purchase four steers to feed and care for over the coming year. In June, one of his steers earned him a second place win in the American category, and a prize of $2,400. This is his fourth year to show at the Parker County event, but this year he is planning on showing at some larger livestock shows, in cities like Fort Worth, San Angelo, San Antonio and Houston. He’s looking forward to one show in particular, because according to Gavin, “I like Houston.I like all of the far-away shows because it’s like a bonding time with my Dad. ”When asked if he was planning to attend any of the concerts that are held along with the Houston show, he said they hadn’t gone in the past, but had a good reason.   “We were going to go, but when you get there and do all of the cow stuff you get really tired,” he said. One of his animals at Parker County was sold, but the second one was put on the meat truck and he admitted that was really hard. That reaction didn’t surprise his dad Marty Prellwitz.   “He has a big heart and really connects with his animal.He wants it all to be TLC, and doesn’t like when they have to be disciplined,” said Prellwitz. “He will give you the shirt off his back and has a heart as big as the world.” Gavin likes to show steers because, “I like that you get to bond with the steers. They are kind of like big puppy dogs.” He’s raising four steers for shows this year, while keeping his grades high. “They all look about the same right now,” said Gavin about the steers. “I have an American, a short horn, a Charolais and a hereford.”  Gavin is also a really good student, and has been on the A honor roll since he started school. He’s also playing football for Weatherford Christian’s six-man junior high football team. He plays wide receiver on the offensive side of the ball and also plays defense. He likes playing football and likes the way the team is looking this season. “Football is going pretty well so far.(Last season) the high school and junior high teams both made it to the playoffs. We are 1-1 right now.”   His dad said that six-man footba 2&VǒFffW&V@g&vBvf2W6VBFr&V6W6RFW&R2B&R'VrBB&R7VVB^( 2fW&6P6WFF"vFWfW"RFW2B2FBFW67&&V@2&VrFRFW&6VBvFWfW"RFW2vfF֗GFVBRƖW2F6WFRvWFW"N( 2fF&"6vr2BvVBƖRFFBF𦆗2G&B&&&6V7F( ĒƖR6WFF( P6BR6BRV&VBBg&7BV.( 26rB0rW6rvBRV&VBFFWfV&WGFW"F0V"( ĒBbV&VBrFB7FVW"B6VRv@^( 2vrF6RvRvF66WRbFR6w0&Vf&RW2BWfW'VFvR2FffW&VB( R6BW6pvBR6VW2FR&VG2&Vf&R2RG&W2FwVW70r27FVW"vF&6VBV6VFv^( 2&VfW&V6Rvf26W7B&"זV"Bv2pf'v&BF2&'FFWBvVVVBvV6VB&W@22R6B( vR&RvrFFRbFRW66P&Fw2( vrFFBvFגg&VG2( P6B66RN( 26WFFFW66RFR&&Vf&PFR'V2WBFR&WB2FBvf6fW2FRWPBfG2FRvWBB26WFFgFW"BPƖW2Fv