Parker County Today October 2017 - Page 9

our cover: BLAIR POOCH PROJECT Linda Blair’s Giving Heart — What Possesses Her? Spellbound ­- Celebrity Linda Blair Appears at Fundraiser Benefiting PC Seniors and Their Pets BY MARSHA BROWN W The PCCOA, a 501c)(3 nonprofit, manages a large Meals on Wheels program, contacts the homebound daily through volunteers, and assists the elderly seek- ing Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid informa- tion. The organization is not a federal or state agency. It receives less than 28 percent of its annual reve- nue from government or public sources — the vast majority of its programs are funded through the generous support of Parker County’s residents, busi- nesses, corporations, and foundations. The organi- zation has 13 employees and utilizes 125 volunteers per week for the Meals on Wheels program alone. In other programs, another 25 volunteers per week assist the organization. hat image comes to your mind at the mention of the name Linda Blair? If you’re like most people, the name conjures up a vision of the young actress who played the doe-eyed, demonized tween from the disturbingly unforgettable 1973 blockbuster film The Exorcist. This month, it’s a decidedly different Linda Blair who comes to Parker County at the behest of her “bestie,” Shelly Mowery, for the Bag Lady Luncheon. A portion of the money raised from the event will go to benefit the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter for the first time since the incep- tion of The Bag Lady Luncheon. The rest goes to finance operations at the The Senior Center, Meals on Wheels and a food pantry for Parker County Seniors. “In so many cases, when we deliver Meals on Wheels to people, they end up turning around and sharing their lunch with their pets,” Mowery said. “So, we’re adding a feature to Meals on Wheels. We will now deliver a bag of food for the pets as well.” Besides the fact that her dear friend heads up the charity, the pet aspect made the cause behind the Bag Lady Luncheon especially appealing to Blair. She has a great love of animals — all animals.  “Most people know me for my work in film through the years and the tele- vision movies that changed people’s lives. That’s what I’m most proud of,” she said. “For years I’ve done anything I could to make a difference in the world, because that was how I was raised.” As a very young woman, Blair found international fame through her role in The Exorcist, but she never really longed for fame. What she really wanted was to become a veterinarian.   “As I’ve gotten older, my original dreams of becoming a veterinarian felt so far away,” Blair said.  In 1981, Blair met Mowery in San Francisco at The Cow Palace and they became fast friends. “The rodeo was going on and we met through a mutual friend, one that she was dating. We were in a publicity room at the rodeo. We started to talk about horses.” Later, when Mowery traveled to New York City to ride in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, she stayed with Blair’s family in their New York City home. “Linda’s family was wonderful,” Mowery said. “Her mother, Elinore, was a great gal.” What did Mowery say to get ȁѼٔȁѡ͕Ё) ɹѼѼAɭȁ չ䁅ȁЁȁ +q$ѽȁѡЁ$ȳt5ݕͅqMéѡЁɥMe)ЁAɭ) չ) ѕ)P(