Parker County Today October 2017 - Page 81

dogs arrived, even the most seasoned of employees were shocked at the condition they were in, with all of them in need of medical attention.  “Their coats were matted with feces and were desperately in need of grooming. Some of the dogs also had skin irritations with other medi- cal issues, so we immediately starting making some calls,” said Woolnough. The first call was to Ring Leaders Grooming, located south of Willow Park. The company donated their supplies and time to give the animals a fresh, clean look. The volunteers started at 7:30 in the morning and stayed all day over a two-day span to get the dogs cleaned up. They were all given a good scrub with a special higher-end soap and groomed to look their very best for their new owners. It was the first time these dogs had been professionally groomed. The next step was to give the dogs a wellness check-up -- quite a feat, considering how many seniors were in the group. Weatherford Shelter Vet Dr. Kent Glenn not only gave them the check-ups, but performed major surgery on some of the dogs, including removal of mammary gland tumors from a couple of female dogs. After all was said and done, the shel- ter was able to adopt out all but two dogs, with only one having to be euthanized.  “One had to be euthanized after an extensive surgery that she didn’t recover from. Another elderly [dog] was not going to make it, but was still adopted out with end-of-life care, knowing that the dog’s time would be short. We were able to utilize the Clear the Shelter event to get them adopted out,” said Woolnough. The shelter adopted out a total of 129 animals during that Aug. 19 event.  Although it doesn’t happen often, the shelter at times does seize a large number of animals from a single household, with the most recent inci- dent occurring earlier this summer. The goal of the shelter in these types of situations is to get them cleaned up, re-evaluated and adopted out as soon as possible. In this situation, these dogs were all inside dogs and were accustomed to being cared for in some capacity by their owner. The dogs were moved out into new homes in a matter of only a few days.  “It all happened very fast, and [it was] amazing to see where they came from and where they went. It makes me happy to see what can be done to make a difference in our community with people that needed help.” Woolnough said that her heart breaks for people who have a huge heart and take in numerous strays at one time. Those owners eventually become overwhelmed and unable to properly care for the animals, often causing a call to the shelter. Shelter workers want all incoming cats and dogs to be taken in and adopted out fast with little trauma occurring in between homes, and they go above and beyond to get that accomplished. In the case of the cocker spaniels, that’s exactly what happened, and they are now living well-deserved pampered lives in their new homes with their new families. Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter $1.65 Million goal to improve The WPCAS facilityand their life saving efforts. (All donations are tax deductable) 403 Hickory Lane | Weatherford, TX | 76086 | 817-598-4111 Donate online at: Giving Second Chances Campaign 79