Parker County Today October 2017 - Page 79

benefit from systemic antibiotic therapy and flushing of guttural pouches when significant discharge from the pouches is noted. Horses and stables should be quarantined until there are no clinical signs and three negative cultures taken 1 week apart are obtained. Appropriate measures should be taken for segregation and preventing cross-contamination. Stables that housed infected animals should be rested for 3-4 weeks after cleaning and disinfecting. In cases of uncomplicated strangles, response to therapy can be noted by resolution of clinical signs. Temperature, attitude, and appetite should be noted several times per day. In cases of complicated strangles, patient monitoring depends on the severity of the disease and other organ systems affected. Control measures that aid in the prevention and spread of disease should be practiced. Isolation of new horses for 3 weeks, with close observation for signs of strangles or any disease should be instituted. Temperature should be monitored twice daily and affected or suspect horses should be quarantined immediately, with isolation of all equipment and tools that were in contact with these animals. People who care for the infected horses should avoid contact with healthy horses. Appr