Parker County Today October 2017 - Page 75

are thistle, sunflower, dandelion, ragweed, goldenrod, coreopsis, marigold, cosmos and mullein. Generally, these are not high-mainte- nance plants (the finches don’t seem to care that they are sometimes called weeds). Water is important to all birds, and finches are particularly happy to splash around in a birdbath or shallow pond. They like to roost (summer and winter) in dense evergreens; again, plants that don’t require much attention. Goldfinches wander widely to feed, so don’t be surprised if their presence at your feeders is more variable than that of other species. With consideration for their habitat and food preferences, and consideration in the way we present food for them, we, too, may bring home the gold. So, on your mark … Goldfinch Habitat Solutions To attract goldfinches, provide a habitat they like. For some of us this may require that we actually do less yard work than usual. For example, goldfinches enjoy the natural meadows that develop in areas previously maintained as lawn. Among their favorite flowers 73