Parker County Today October 2017 - Page 72

70 trucks, trailers and drivers ready to load and deliver to wherever they would be directed. With the generos- ity of Parker County’s community of ranch and horse owners and trainers, Cutters with Compassion, and Triple C Transit LLC, a delivery plan was put into full motion. But, it didn’t stop there. “Many other businesses pitched in with equipment and resources and hundreds of volunteers were mobi- lized to help sort, stack, wrap and load what turned out to be seven full semi-truckloads for distribution to locations in South Texas,” Bill said. Robbie Ballard of 1845 Trucking of Parker County, along with his brother Randy and the Storm Warriors team, delivered a much- welcomed 22 pallets of ice to the hot and tired families in Rockport, who were lined up in their cars and trucks to receive this precious gift. Bill and Danielle Ford both said that there are so many to thank for the support and the generosity, because so many came together to help fill in the gap with whatever was needed. Trinity Bible Church, New River Fellowship, The Church at the Crossing, and Tabernacle of Praise were all drop-off locations. Families from Dallas and as far away as Scottsdale, Ariz., drove their dona- tions to Parker County to help in the relief efforts. Businesses such as Silver Star Wrecker and CAB Logistics provided equipment, trucks, and delivery expertise to the relief effort. “The response was overwhelm- ing in the sense of watching the lines of cars bringing each gift and dona- tion as a gift of love to be delivered to families they may never meet,” Danielle said. “That’s what love does.” The Storm Warriors team is on a mission to bring a message of hope to families who are affected by storms. They are equipped to help warn communities in advance of storms coming into their areas, and then to respond as a search-and-rescue team to help families out of the rubble and into the care they need. The “Warrior’s Heart” of the Storm Warriors is their passion and desire to help families in the process of restoration. According to Bill, families who have been devastated by catastrophic events such as Harvey need hope to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives. “This help comes in many ways,” he said, “such as a hug, listen- ing to their stories, crying together, praying together, giving them food and water and other basic necessities that allow them to carry on from day to day.” The Storm Warriors have previ- ously charged into the devastated communities of Canton, Emory and Granbury, Texas; Moore and Elk City, Okla.; Mayflower, Ark.; Hattiesburg, Miss.; and many others. Their response is carefully planned, yet always the same: first, get people to safety and then to help them get back on their feet by giving them hope. “For many of the families who we meet in disasters,” says Bill, “their storms have really just begun. There will be many obstacles each d 0FW&VvF&V'VBFV"ƗfW2@bFRG&26&RfW'vVЦr( ХvVFR&VB7&72dT@FRVFVfRV6F67FW"f֒ЦƖW2&RgFVVgBFV"vFG'B&V'VBBǒFV"W2@6VFW2'WB6FV"ƗfW2FR7F&v'&'26FVRFVFRf֖ƖW26WFFW2VFrFV2FV&V'VBW0vFFV"W76vRbRFV6f֖ǒFWVWBॖR6V7F&v'&'2FR6FVVBVff'G2FVf֖ƖW0ffV7FVB'W'&6R'fW2vV2FV"Vff'G2F&W7BFFRW@F67FW"''FW&rfVFVW&rBvfrFFV"&fB( FPv'&.( 2V'B( fVBFV"vV'6F\*wwr7F&v'&'2GbR6frFVf6V&B7F&v'&'5EbॖR66VWWRWBf"FV"VFrFVWf66rFBvfrFR&VƖfRGfVGW&W2b&BFVRBFV"Gv6ЦG&V6&BBFW"7F&v'&'2֖6V66WB֖PVFW&v7B2FWfrFR7BfVBvVFW"WfVG2V'F@6VVFv&767BB&W7F&R6VFW2FRFbGW&^( 2gW'V6W6FRvfVGW&RFRF&bFRVBFRVG&V@FRG&vVGFB66W"F&FFWv6ffW"'F@7W'ffF2rF&FV7Bf֖ƖW2B6VFW2FN( 2vB7F&v'&"FW2vVR"6R2v'&.( 2V'B