Parker County Today October 2017 - Page 61

All of the excitement is about the McDonald Cabin, donated to the Doss by Perry and Barbara Mader. Its early history shows that A.B. Simpson received a patent for a 92-acre farm in May of 1890. Virgil Young purchased the place from Simpson and B.C. McDonald purchased the property from Virgil Young. The log cabin was originally located down on Grind Stone Creek at the back of the McDonald’s property in Millsap, with evidence it had been lived in at one time. It was moved towards the house and then used as a barn and a corn crib to store feed for their animals. The McDonald girls, Nora Loughrey, Jenella Young and Barbara Mader, spent their childhood playing in and around the cabin. Barbara Mader has fond recollections of the cabin that has been part of her memories since she was only 2 months old. Her fami- ly moved to Millsap in 1943 when the cabin had already been moved closer to the house. They owned the Millsap property for 40 years. “When it sold I was married and it was the one thing I wanted,” said Mader. “It had such great memories. Perry agreed and the purchasers agreed for us to take the log cabin. We moved it to Poolville first and then to Brock. That was the second time he had moved it for me. He says it’s the best traveled cabin anywhere.” When the couple sold their property in Brock, the new owners agreed to allow the Maders to gift the cabin to the Doss Center. Barbara Mader has many fond memories of her family’s farm. “We were farm kids. My dad raised hogs and angora goats. We were out in the country [so] if anyone was coming down our road they were coming to see us. We were all out around the barns. The Angora goats were my favorites. The little ones were so cute. I used to take my dolls to go out and play with them,” she said. The first guests who will get to see the cabin up close will be members of the Doss 1849 Club. On Oct. 11, between 3 and 6 p.m., members of this group will be able to tour the cabin at its location behind the Doss Museum. The 1849 Club is so named because in 1849 it cost only $75 to build a log house.   “There is still time for people to join the 1849 Club at the Doss,” said Dean Hungate, Managing Director of the Doss. “The donations will be used to rebuild and restore the log cabins. While getting the first one on site is a big step, we are still raising funds to move the other three and then restore all of them so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.”  Visitors can join the 1849 Club beginning today through the event date. A list of members will be on site for this special event and video footage of the cabin’s trip to the Doss Museum [will be] shown inside Heritage Hall. Planning for the Pioneer Cabin Park began more than a decade ago as an outdoor log cabin exhibit at the museum where visitors could see what the lives of early Texans looked like. The outdoor exhibit will be located behind the museum, which is located at 1400 Texas Drive in Weatherford. When the Pioneer Cabin Park is opened, this cabin will Let me show you how to own, hunt, fish, ride and enjoy 2,200 to 3,800 acres starting at $395,000 ! (Yes that’s correct) CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL ME TODAY Eric Painter | RANCH & LAND WEST DIVISION | 817.597.4519 | | 59