Parker County Today October 2017 - Page 34

“I hurriedly contacted my neuron- ophthalmologist in Dallas, a Dr. Jones who immediately sensed that I may be undergoing radiation poison- ing of the optic nerves.” The vision in her right eye was 100 percent gone. The sight in her left eye was mostly gone too. “I could only see what the ophthalmologists call ‘hand move- ments,’” Graham said. “In other words, if you move your hand back and forth right in front of my left eye, I can sense movement.” It was devastating to Graham. “My world was totally turned upside down,” she said. “No longer could I see the faces of my family; I was never to see the beautiful face of my granddaughter, born a scant 19 days later. I could no longer drive; I now depended on people to take me Continued on page 48 Telena Graham’s creating artwork 32 Telena Graham’s interior design work