Parker County Today October 2017 - Page 33

aging eyes but straight to prescrip- tion trifocals. Being naive and trusting the word of the doctor, I ignored the ramifications of what my eyes were telling me.” In November of 2010, Graham began experiencing numbness in her face and went to see a doctor who prescribed an MRI. Just hours after getting her MRI, Graham’s doctor called her and asked her to return to his office. “My doctor informed me that the MRI had revealed a large slow- growing brain tumor called a menin- gioma,” Graham said. “It required immediate attention.” Graham was treated at M.D. Anderson in Houston. She underwent surgery. “I was informed during recov- ery that 30 percent of the tumor remained untouched and wrapped around my cavernous sinus,” Graham said. “Sometimes tumors become aggressive after surgery. This tumor had been diagnosed as a very slow- growing tumor; they even hypoth- esized that I may have had the tumor during my teen years. Now, it was unknown whether that slow-growth pattern would change.” The doctors at M.D. Anderson recommended Proton Radiation Therapy, at the time, a cutting-edge radiation treatment that they were at the forefront of developing. “I asked them if it was necessary to undergo the treatment so soon after the operation,” Graham said. “They informed me that I could wait, but they didn’t recommend waiting too long. I was to undergo six weeks of Proton Radiation treatment, five days a week for a total of 30 treat- ments.” The Grahams decided to start the treatments in October of 2011 so she would be done before the holi- days. The treatments made Graham sick and weak and tired. But she made it through them and vowed to make 2012 her new start. All seemed to be on track until July of 2012. Suddenly, I lost total vision in my right eye,” Graham said. By then she had transferred all of her medi- cal visits up to UT Southwestern in Dallas, because it was more conve- nient. shing ouches BJ Hayley 817.233.9288 BJ Hayley BJ Hayley b 817.233.9288 817.233.9288 B.J. Hayley- Female Contractor bj@finishingtouches. Interior & Exterior Touches Touches Interior & Exterior Commercial & Residential Painting Commercial & Residential Painting Kitchen & Hayley Bath Remodels Interior & Exterior Interior & Exterior Kitchen & Bath Remodels BJ Commercial & Residential Painting Commercial & Residential Painting B.J. Hayley, Female Contractor Kitchen & Bath Kitchen & Remodels Bath Remodels www.FinishingTouches.Pro B.J. !展) Ʌѽ(̸ܸ)͡ѽՍ̹ɼ)(!展)) Ʌѽ)()!展)) Ʌѽ)ܹ͡QՍ̹Aɼ)ܹ͡QՍ̹Aɼ)ܹ͡QՍ̹Aɼ)Ȁѕɥ)IͥѥAѥ) ѠI) Ʌѽ)QՍ̹Aɼ+ є%!͔1Ʌѽ+مхAɽɕ+1͕ȁQɅ䃊UɅͽչ͍)ѵ́م5ɤMи)ȸI1ɡ)ȸ)ȁAͱȸAѕȁMѕȸ)ɤ9)ȸ5ѡ܁9Ʌمѥ(́Ё]Ѡ!丰!Ցͽ=̰Q`(ܴĴāܹ$х)ѽȁхɕ͔Ё́)ȁɝ́ ɥѥ ɔ+Ʌ!ѡɔ+ɝ䁅 ɥѥ ɔ+مIѥMɝ(