Parker County Today October 2017 - Page 32

our art: TELENA GRAHAM Creating Light From the Darkness Blind Faith and a Giving Heart Keeps Telena Graham Moving Forward BY MARSHA BROWN hings were going well in Telena Graham’s life in 2009. She had a great husband, named Bill, three beautiful children, her event planning business was going great guns, she was enjoying success as an artist, she had just landed a commission to create a sculpture for a prestigious university and, as an interior designer, she was in great demand. She also had many, many friends. That all ended after she lost her eyesight within weeks. “I was doing a faux finishing treatment on a client’s cabinets,” she said. “I was on a deadline.” Suddenly, while working to meet her client’s deadline, Graham began to experience double, then triple vision. “I had perfect vision until then,” Graham said. Graham consulted an ophthal- mologist. “He examined me and explained to me that since I didn’t have health coverage, he was going to skip prescribing me an MRI,” Graham said. “He said that, ‘while I appeared very healthy, apparently my eyes were just getting older and tired’ I needed the help of glasses. He actually prescribed trifocals for me. Imagine going from wear- ing no glasses at all to needing trifocals just to walk around. This should have been my first clue! No stage 1 reading glasses to help my T 30