Parker County Today October 2017 - Page 25

went down (to New Orleans), and I slept in the back of my van and did rescue a lot of dogs. When it was all said and done, the big organizations asked if I’d help get the remaining dogs out because the city wanted the Show Grounds back. There was a place called Gonzales just outside of New Orleans. It was really hard and stressful. I went with 51 dogs and camped for a few days in Mississippi. It was horrible. I didn’t enjoy it at all. Then finally, a big truck came and helped them in. We transferred a lot of the dogs into St. Louis and the others went into Texas and then New Mexico and finally into Los Angeles. A year later we were bound by contract to keep them safe and return the dogs to their owners. I had returned a few to their owners, but most of these people still didn’t have homes.” Few of the people displaced by Katrina had stable homes even though more than a year had passed. “They still weren’t in a good place,” Blair said. “So I bought property in the High Desert. It’s been a challenge. It’s not my cup of tea.” Blair loves big trees and tall moun- tains with clear mountain streams.  “I planted trees the first year,” she said. “I built sheds and I air-condi- tioned them. I put out baby pools.” Blair thought that by now she’d be back working in her well-established career as an actress. But a dozen years have passed since Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Technology has progressed and, unfortunately, it made more work for anyone in animal rescue.  “Technology happened,” she said, referring to back-yard dog breeders and puppy mill operations that are now able to easily sell puppies on the Internet, through social media, Craigslist, or Facebook. “They have an easy income,” Blair said. “They don’t have to place an ad in the newspaper. Now they are just popping them out. Our nation is in a crisis with so many unwanted animals. Now, I’m fighting every single day to save lives.” Then Blair’s longtime friend Shelly Mowery asked her to come to Texas and help with the Bag Lady Luncheon. “When Shelly got involved with the Senior Center and she told me about what she was doing and what’s going on there, I knew it was right up my alley,” Blair said. “I’ve been fighting for children and seniors and animals my whole life. I’m looking forward to coming to Texas and being at the luncheon and helping to raise money and having a great time.” While Blair 䁹Ёɕ锁а)͡éѥѼٔѡɕ)ݡ͡Ё͡ݽɬ) Qɍл q$݅ѕѼ)ɥ̸$݅ѕѼ͹)٥̸$݅ѕѼ 1ͥ $)eЁ݅ЁѼѕȻt)%݅䰁1 хɥ) 1ͥѡɕٕͥ쁥ӊe)ɔ܁͡e)ѡɽѡͅ٥ȸMé)́q1ͥ́ !t)Aɭȁ չѥ́ٔȁȁи)]їéչɅ!)=ȁ͕٥ȁͥ)ձM٥չɅ! ɕѥM٥̃Aɔ9A)鱔Mɥѽݸ5Ʌ]̃]ѡəɐܴشăܹݡѕ͙չɅ)-ɤɅ ɽݹф]є- 饹 ]єIɐ]))ѽ ՍչIЁM(