Parker County Today October 2017 - Page 17

Linda Blair with “Caprain” unknown industry that steals dogs and cats from the families who love them to sell the animals to be used in medical research. Together with DeRose, Blair began to take an aggressive stance in fighting animal cruelty.  “We fought for pet theft aware- ness,” Blair said. “We fought for animal welfare, for pets that were being stolen and sold to be used for medical research.” Big Screen/Little Screen Blair has yet to star in another earth- shattering blockbuster that drew death threats and crazed stalking fans, but she’s had her share of hits. The ‘80s brought 䁽)ɽ́ѕ٥ͥՕЁȴ)́ЁЁݼձЁ̰ͥ)ѡݽɥͽ )! ̤ѡх)٥єѥ Mم)Mɕ Ф) ѥՕ(