Parker County Today October 2017 - Page 13

BILL BOGLE: RENAISSANCE MAN By Andy Sims Bill Bogle, a Parker County resident, was a mentor, outstanding lawyer, and loyal friend to all of us at Harris, Finley & Bogle, P.C. HFB for 31 years. English Usage (which was not a compli- ment!). I still have it, and still Bill fit the true definition of a Renaissance use it. Man. He could fix and restore just about anything: motorcycles, printing presses, A few years ago, Bill purchased an automo- player pianos, organs, cameras, clocks. bile from me that my daughters had used Bill also loved literature and poetry, during their high school years. My daughters and often quoted his favorite poems. He were both in college at the time, and Bill loved hunting, raising and training bird purchased the car for his granddaughter, dogs, and he also enjoyed good cigars who was starting high school. I am sure he and Scotch. Bill was also a consummate thoroughly checked it out, and fixed every- lawyer. He was a student of the law, thing that needed adjusting before he gave it brilliant, and ethical. He remembered to her. That was Bill. He loved his wife of 61 cases and holdings from earlier decades years, Ann, his sons and their wives, and his and could cite them from memory. Bill’s grandchildren. He was proud of them too, practice included real estate, corporate and it showed. law, banking, wills, trusts, probate, and civil litigation. He did it all, and did it Bill and I went to lunch together about a exceptionally well. week before he passed away. It had become difficult for Bill to do things most of us take I began work with Bill in 1986, straight for granted. But, he did not complain. He out of law school. Although I did not pushed forward with the grit, determina- know it at the time, I hit the lottery. Bill tion, and curiosity that marked his life. Still was known for his tough exterior and mentoring. occasional temper, but his heart was as big as Texas, and so was his loyalty. I Bill passed away on Monday, August 21, began practicing law when I was 25 and 2017, at the time of the eclipse. His life and needed all the mentoring I could get. Bill legacy cast a giant shadow. helped me with legal analysis, worked Sims is a shareholder with Harris, Finley & Bogle, P.C. (“HFB”), with me to become a better writer, and Andy and is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law and Civil Appellate Law by the even gave me his Fowler’s Modern Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Mr. Sims has practiced law with 11