Parker County Today October 2016 - Page 89

Continued from page 11 problems that might have happened overnight. They choose one patient who had an interesting problem to have a discussion for a half an hour or more to discuss how they came to the diagnosis and what the expected treatment plan should be. Then they break off into the various services they are assigned for the month like critical care, surgery, or nephrology. “Monday through Friday that’s how it goes,” said Dr. Nash. “On Thursday afternoon they have an afternoon of didactic training, lectures, journal club where they look at current journal studies and literature, or go over to the Health Science Center’s simulation labs. During their first week the nurses taught them how to start IVs, and how to draw blood,” she continued. “Everything they do is supervised. It’s varying levels of supervision, but they will always have oversight from the faculty physician.” The medical students are all TCOM students, while the residency and intern programs have attracted students from as far away as Kansas City and Florida. “It’s a nice blend; we really have attracted a lot of attention,” said Nash. OCTOBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY As part of the program, students are asked for anonymous feedback about their experiences during their time or why they chose WRMC to continue their medical education. Here’s what some of the outgoing and incoming students said: “I have learned an incredible amount … and have enjoyed being taught by talented and knowledgeable practitioners. Getting more hands-on training compared to some other programs has enhanced my education and facilitated the transition from the classroom. Everyone on staff has been welcoming and helpful, making a potentially stressful time more enjoyable and more conducive to learning.” “Being a part of the WRMC rotation site has been a wonderful experience. All of the staff have been very supportive and patient as we gain clinical experience. The friendly environment here has made it easy to show up every morning energized and ready for a new day!” “I think this is a great opportunity for students to experience medicine in a smaller community setting as opposed to the larger hospitals in the Metroplex. I have met nothing but wonderful people at WRMC and do not regret my decision to be [in] the first class of this program at all.” “I chose WRMC both because of the hospital itself and the community in general. WRMC is a great place to work, the employees are wonderful and friendly, and the community is wonderful for raising children.” “I chose WRMC because I knew it would offer me a quality experience to prepare me for eventual practice.” “I decided to come to Weatherford because I fit right in during the interview dinner. I did not feel nervous or intimidated. I felt a sense of familiarity. This was important for me because my next three years would be spent here.” 87