Parker County Today October 2016 - Page 82

Madison Ward Charity: Careity Foundation Parker County native and recent graduate of Texas Tech University, Madison Ward is back in town working as the media and marketing coordinator for Group W Productions. Madison will be working with Careity and Fish Creek this season and she’s among friends. “I’m looking forward to working with Careity because I have a longtime relationship with them,” she said. “I started volunteering with them in 2011. When I started, I kind of did representing because they did more western events and I would go volunteer with Careity. And ever since, they are really good about asking me and wanting me back and letting me be a part of things. It’s really cool that I can partner with them because it is a charity I’m very passionate about, so I’m really happy about that. They’re all my friends.” Having been an employee of Parker County Today before leaving for Lubbock to pursue a marketing degree, Madison is an old hand at what this competition is about. “I know how this whole thing works and being a bachelorette of Parker County is a great networking opportunity, and now that I’m back as an adult, this is really an opportunity for me to be able to raise money for a charity I support and that I am very passionate about. I’m also able to connect with the community and get my name out there,” Madison said. “It’s always great to come back to an organization and a business that support both me and my goals.” As for goals, Madison has already set hers and it is no surprise that it is ambitious. Having heard how much the winning bachelor, Sierra Lambert, raised in the last competition, Madison is looking to beat his record. “Just the competitor in me wants to surpass what Sierra did,” she said. “I like to set my goals fairly high. That’s how I reach them. I’m going to put it at $50,000 because it’s very doable with the events that Careity has already established that I can help them promote and be a part of. But I also have some new events that are specifically to raise money for the Bachelorette that I want to introduce them to. I think they’re really going to help us raise the set goal.” OCTOBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Fish Creek Chef and GM: Joe Lane  Teaming up to raise funds for Careity this year will be Bachelorette Madison Ward and Fish Creek Restaurant and Bar in Willow Park. Fish Creek’s owner Joe Lane is happy to be involved. “Ever since I took over that business about eight years ago,” Lane said, “[I’ve learned] that one of the best things about doing business in Parker County is being able to be intimately involved with not only people who become like family and friends, but groups like Careity Foundation and Parker Paws that you truly become close to. Really, it becomes part of you and part of the business. Doing charity work — you’re just out there helping your friends.” 80 Continued from page 76