Parker County Today October 2016 - Page 77

Josefina Lorenz Charity: Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter A regular volunteer at the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter, 19-year-old Josefina Lorenz gave her fellow worker Kim the idea to be in the running this year. “I was really excited and I actually gave Kim the idea,” Josefina said. “Because the past Bachelorettes, they did really well, but I thought it would be cool if we had someone who was already involved with the shelter … you know? Or they already knew what was going on and knew how to do fundraisers specifically for the shelter. And since I volunteer there, I know a lot about it.” Josefina is currently going to school to be a Veterinary Technician and she works at the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection. “It’s a low-cost paying spay and neuter clinic and vaccination clinic. We just opened next to Rio Mambo and I’ve worked there for about five months now.” With a love for animals, Josefina is just as passionate about helping the shelter. And considering her charity is the Weatherford/ Parker County Animal Shelter Capital Improvement Fund, and she has Vintage on her side, she’s off to a very good start. “I’ve always loved animals. My childhood taught me to love animals so I just thought it was a really good way to help animals in need by volunteering at the shelter. They don’t have homes so it’s really nice to get them out and walk them since they sit in a kennel all day,” she said. “My favorite thing is helping with the adoptions and finding the right dog for the right family. And just seeing their little hearts above their heads like a match made in heaven. It’s like ‘this one is my favorite; this one is for you.’” This year Josefina is focused on raising as much money for the shelter as possible. “I just want, I don’t know, we’ve never won first and I think it would be really cool to win first place. Plus, I mean, the winning doesn’t really matter because the money goes to the shelter. I just want to raise a lot of money for the shelter so that we can go ahead with the next big plan we have.” Vintage Grill & Car Museum Chef: Aaron Austin, GM: Jacob Meier, Manager OCTOBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Jacob Meier of Vintage Grill & Car Museum in downtown Weatherford, said their participation in this year’s Sweet Charity & Bachelorette event is all about giving back to the community. Teaming up with Bachelorette Josefina Lorenz, Vintage hopes to raise much-needed funds for their charity of choice — the Weatherford-Parker County Animal Shelter. “We definitely want to help out the community, and in this case it’s a pretty easy charity for us,” Meier said. “We have a dog-friendly patio. We’re working with Dustin (Deel) to get together at least one wine pairing dinner, a seven-course dinner.” You can always count on Vintage to dazzle. Vintage Grill and Car Museum opened for business Jan. 21, 2015. 75