Parker County Today October 2016 - Page 72

Fight Fear at the Apocalypse Experience The Apocalypse Experience at Capernaum First Century Village in Peaster is a new production that will expose guests to terrifying events that could happen if a world apocalypse happens. The experience will be filled with professional actors, realistic special effects and a brick and mortar town. The creator of the Apocalypse Experience is Tammy Lane, who is also behind Capernaum and Mission Reality, a faith-based nonprofit organization. Capernaum was built in 2006 to be used as a film set, which Lane used to produce a number of educational films for teaching purposes. The village resembles what a town might have looked like in the times of Christ. As the village became more popular, a statue garden was built and live events such as The Passover Experience, which is held around Easter, and The Star of Bethlehem, which is a Christmas event, were opened to the public. However, this is the first year for the Apocalypse Experience, which Lane says will be “terrifying.” “This is a controversial event,” Lane said. “It’s controversial because it is tackling a subject most people are not comfortable talking about. Some scenes will be quite terrifying and because of this we are recommending no one under the age of 12 attend.” So why is Lane doing this? “We don’t want to use this as a scare tactic,” Lane said. “We believe that what we will show people is the truth and the truth can be scarier than fiction.” A recurring theme in the tour is the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which represent death, famine, war and conquest. “All of the horsemen will be represented in some way in the experience,” Lane said. Some things that guests will experience on the tour are natural disaster, government control, loss of freedom, DNA testing, war, plagues and diseases, persecution and even hell. “You can expect to be immersed in [the] reality of today’s world,” Lane said. The set, which is being built by Capernaum’s own construction team, is made to mimic small town USA. You are thrown back in time to a “Norman Rockwell painting.” It’s clean, pretty and well maintained. Cheery music comes from hidden speakers. Neighbors sit on their front porch and wave as you pass. However, something doesn’t seem quite right. You round a corner and come face to face with disaster. Houses are off their foundations, it is dark and you feel frightened. Your tour guide urges you to move quickly. You can hear sirens and shouting in the distance … . Has this piqued your interest? To experience more you will have to come to the Apocalypse Experience. The experience is being held two weekends only: Oct. 21-22 and Oct. 28-30. Tickets are $20 and can be bought online at or at the time of the event.