Parker County Today October 2016 - Page 63

PCT: When did you establish your business? CARNEY: I have co-owned my business with Bob Berkey since 2009. PCT: What inspired you to establish your business? CARNEY: After I installed the new MRI unit in Dallas, I was offered many jobs to stay. So I did. I met Bob Berkey on a job in Fort Worth in 2005. He has owned Berkey Plumbing since 1987 and he convinced me to move to Weatherford and combine our talents. We did. PCT: How did you get your start in construction? CARNEY: I have been in construction since I was very young. My father owns a company in up-state New York. PCT: What’s the hardest part about your job? CARNEY: Realizing my limitations. I often think I am still 20 years old! PCT: What’s the best thing about your job? CARNEY: I am surrounded and supported by so many wonderful people, [the best] anyone could ask for! I am so blessed. PCT: What advice could you give someone who is new to the business? CARNEY: We work hard every day. We take pride in everything we do. We also try to help The Senior Center, Careity Foundation and any military family or soldier in need when called upon. I have been criticized by other contractors that I do too much for charities. Well, Bob and I believe that being a good steward is important in life. If we all paid it forward this place would be a better one. PCT: What is some advice you can give your customers? CARNEY: I often try to tell anyone that is listening to change your furnace filters regularly. Hose down your outside condenser twice a year, drain your hot water heater every six months (I don’t know anyone that does that one). Drain outside hoses before winter, clean out your gutters so water doesn’t freeze and ruin your roof edge. PCT:What is something that no one knows about you or your business? CARNEY: I retired from nursing after 23 years. However, I have never retired from everything else in my life, 41 years in construction and HVAC. I started answering phones in my father’s office at age 7. At age 16, I started going on service calls with him. I continued all while going to nursing school and my first trade school. My father is my hero, mentor, and I miss him terribly. We’re Proud to be Your Neighbor Southside Bank has been serving our neighbors since 1960. Today, we’re here to help you with a full range of financial services. Our staff is dedicated to finding solutions to your unique needs. Stop by or call our Weatherford location today! OCTOBER 2016 Weatherford Branch 318 South Main Weatherford, TX 76086 Personal Banking • Mortgages • Commercial Banking Southside Weatherford Leadership Team: Teresa Turnage, Landon Brim, Shawn McCage and Tim Carter PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY (817) 367-5413 | 61