Parker County Today October 2016 - Page 61

was instrumental in building the berms on the shooting ranges, clubhouse and restrooms and a maintenance building to build the target frames, and also the generalpurpose building. “We have swap meets in there, the 4-H Club shoots in there with air rifles,” Harwood s aid. “For the kids, it teaches them safety, gun handling, sportsmanship and basically cooperation amongst themselves.” Chuck Garrett joined PCSC in 2000 and got more involved with the board of directors. He took a break from it for about five years, got asked to come back and has been VP, and Secretary for the last year. “Here you have freedom, but with responsibility, to shoot your guns and practicing the second amendment,” Garrett said. “This club has grown from about 300 members to over 1,000 in the time I’ve been involved in it. It’s a good place to come and not be watched over. You are responsible for your own actions, and yet we are all ‘safety officers’ out here. It’s the members duty to follow the rules but also to watch and take care to make sure everyone else is safe also. That’s been a working situation since 1956. We’ve got some youngsters that are being taught safety through the 4-H program that we have nurtured along for probably 10 years now.” To support and re-introduce the community to the PCSC, the board facilitates and manages five Firearm Swap Meets annually in the air-conditioned and heated 3200 square-foot PCSC Event Hall. Providing our PCSC members, non-members, local sportsman, and independent sellers with a ‘one day only - 50 table venue’ continues to be a local activity favorite and one of just a very few PCSC venues opened to the general public. Sales table rentals are just $10 each for the Saturday-Only event, allowing our PCSC Swap Meet participants an affordable opportunity to buy, sell, or trade their collectables or merchandise. A Firearm Swap Meet schedule is available on our website, as well, with October 15th and December 3rd as final event dates for 2016. With a forward-thinking board and solid plans for the future, PCSC won’t be a secret much longer. OCTOBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Tarleton State University Rifle Team shooters. L-R: Allycenn Elliott, Ryan Hussey, Bailey Russell 59